Meghan Trainor Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

Meghan Trainor weight loss

Meghan Trainor wowed the world by debuting her slim and toned frame. She managed to lose a whopping 60 lbs recently.

But how did she do this? And what inspired her huge weight loss? Well, we are here to tell you! 

Meghan Trainor lost 60 lbs through diet and exercise after the birth of her first child, Riley. After the birth of her son, Trainor said, ‘I was the heaviest I’d ever been[…] I just wasn’t feeling great.’

After her C-section, she wanted a challenge saying, ‘if I can survive a C-section, I can do anything.’ 

And she has gone on to prove that she can! She stayed motivated, determined to improve her physical and mental health after the birth of her son, and noticed a difference immediately, saying, ‘my brain is so happy when I exercise.’ 

The benefits she felt motivated her and Trainor was able to keep working out and started to pay attention to the food she was eating too, ‘I learned that I do like healthy food, and I learned what portions mean.’

Combining exercising and a healthy diet, Trainor was able to shed 60 lbs! 

Not only did this improve her relationship with her body, but keep up with her child, ‘I want to climb up a treehouse with him.’

Her changing body and the arrival of her child were clear motivators, and now she looks fantastic, losing her baby weight and then some!

Now that we know why Meghan Trainor lost weight let’s dive in a little deeper and find out how she managed this!

We have her full method, diet, and workout plan below for you to check out and learn more about her incredible weight loss.  

Meghan Trainor Weight Loss Method

After the birth of her first son, Meghan Trainor was feeling low, unhappy with the changes her body had gone through, telling People’s Magazine, ‘I was at my heaviest […] I wasn’t feeling great.

Determined to make a healthy change that would ensure she would be healthy and able to keep up with her young son, Trainor made a change. 

She began exercising daily with her husband and making healthier choices when it came to her meals. This allowed her to see results almost instantly; ‘the pounds come off one week at a time.’ 

This provided her with the motivation to keep going, and she was able to drop a huge 60 lbs just through diet and exercise!

This meant Trainor lost all her baby weight, and then some! It has given her a new body and one she has been able to fall in love with.

Her weight loss method is easy to follow, and we have all the information in today’s article! 

Meghan Trainor Transformation

Meghan Trainor has transformed her body! After losing 60 lbs, she wowed fans with a slimmer frame. The transformation is clearly noticeable on her face, arms, and torso. Overall, she has slimmed down dramatically following the birth of her first son. 

All you need to do is check out her recent Instagram posts to see her new figure! 

Meghan Trainor Workout Plan 

It’s no secret that Meghan Trainor has used exercise as part of her weight loss routine. The inspiration for this came from her husband, Daryl Sabara, who convinced her to try new workouts.

He got her hooked, and she even shares her workout routines on Instagram for her 15 million followers to enjoy! 

Trainor works out daily, challenging herself with new routines and workouts that help her shed the pounds at a sustainable rate, ‘one week at a time.’ 

Her favorite, and one she used to lose weight, is Shaun T’s Focus T25. This workout program takes just 20 minutes, allowing Trainor to fit it into her busy lifestyle!

It is made up of several workouts involving sculpting, muscle building, slimming, bodyweight training, cardio workouts, and HIIT. 

This workout has clearly worked, as she has been able to shed 60lbs and plans to keep going, ‘to do this for my younger self.’

Supplements Used 

Meghan Trainor did not use any supplements when losing 60 lbs. Instead, she focused on fueling her body with healthy foods and portion sizes that suited her. She also followed a daily exercise regime that helped keep her active. 

Meghan Trainor Meal Plan

Alongside a good exercise routine, Meghan Trainor shook up her diet. She made changes to ensure that she was eating healthy foods and the correct portion sizes. When she began this journey, it came as a surprise to her, ‘that I liked healthy foods!

By trying new and healthy foods, she was able to shed 60 lbs and learn what her body needed.

Her diet focused on lean meats as her protein sources and lots of veggies. We have the highlights of Trainor’s meal plan below for you to take advantage of and gain insight into her weight loss!

  • Drink three to four liters of water a day 
  • Enjoy three cups of green tea without sugar a day 
  • Each day starts with lemon water or water with fenugreek seeds 
  • Breakfast is oat-based, usually oatmeal or baked oats with fruits. 
  • Frozen foods and trans fats are excluded 
  • Four to five servings of veggies are eaten each day (at least three different types of veggies too)
  • Enjoy three servings of three different fruits a day 
  • Have one cheat day every two weeks 

By following these steps, Meghan Trainor has managed to lose 60 lbs. She has swapped eating out for home-cooked meals with her husband, which has helped control the amount of trans fat in her diet, helping the pounds fall off! 

How Much Weight Has Meghan Trainor Lost (And Current Weight)?

Meghan Trainor has lost 60 lbs through diet and exercise, overhauling her body. She now weighs 68 kg and is looking happy and healthy! 

How Has Meghan Trainor Maintained Her Weight?

Meghan Trainor has continued exercising and eating healthy meals. Although she has already lost 60 lbs, she makes no plans to stop here!

She also mentioned, ‘I’ve lost all the baby weight and 10 extra lbs, so I’m just going to keep going and do this for my younger self.’ 

By continuing to eat healthy meals made of lean meats and veggies, and training with her husband, Trainor can maintain her weight loss and improve on it further if she chooses! 

Key Takeaways 

Meghan Trainor managed to shed 60 lbs through diet and exercise following the birth of her first child. The extra weight she gained during pregnancy and a desire to be healthy and happier for her son prompted her weight loss. 

Through daily exercise and eating a balanced and nutritious diet, she has managed to shed 60 lbs and fall in love with her new body, saying, ‘I’m covered in scars and stretch marks […] there are things that aren’t going to go away ever, and I have to learn to love that.

Not only have we seen her keep the weight off, but she seems determined to keep improving her physical and mental health to keep up with her little one as he starts running around! 

FAQ Snippet

Did Meghan Trainor Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Meghan Trainor did not have weight loss surgery to help her lose 60 lbs. 

How Did Meghan Trainor Lose Weight?

Meghan Trainor lost 60 lbs through diet and exercise. She focused on working out daily and fueling her body with the correct portion sizes for meals. 


Meghan Trainor has managed to lose an impressive 60 lbs through hard work and determination. By incorporating healthy meals, plenty of water, and fresh fruit and veggies, she has been able to lose weight and keep it off!

Combined with her daily exercise regime, it’s no wonder she has done so well and managed to keep off her baby weight! 

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