Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

Rebel Wilson weight loss

Rebel Wilson is famous for her acting roles, mainly starring as ‘Fat Amy’ in the Pitch Perfect movie series. Her character exudes body confidence and positivity and provided us with a plus-size character that was more than just her weight! It was clear that Rebel Wilson was proud of this character, but in her personal life, she was not so happy with her weight.

Following a conversation with her doctor, Wilson took action to lose weight to increase her chances of fertility and becoming a mother! She used this as her motivation, saying:

I was carrying around a lot of excess weight. It’s almost like I didn’t think of my own needs. I thought of a future child’s needs and so that inspired me to get healthier.’ 

The thought of a future child inspired Rebel Wilson to shed the pounds, and not only does she look fantastic, but feels better for it too! Since her weight loss journey began in 2020, she has lost almost 80lbs and completely transformed her body!

And today, we are here to tell you how she did it! Read on to learn all about Rebel Wilson’s weight loss method, her workout and diet plan, and everything else you need to know!

Remember to consult with a doctor before undergoing any weight loss methods yourself and to seek help where necessary when incorporating new workout routines.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Method

So how did Rebel Wilson lose almost 80lbs? Well, through exercise! Instead of overly restricting what she ate, Wilson focused on moving her body more. Not only did this allow her to still enjoy sweet treats, but it helped to tone her body too.

To increase her chances of fertility, Wilson dubbed 2020 the ‘Year of Health.’ During this time, she stated her weight loss goal was 80lbs and that she planned to focus on exercising more and making healthier choices with her food.

She also enlisted the help of a personal trainer, Jono Castano. Together, they train seven days a week, working on intense training, including flipping tires, sprinting, and battle ropes. She has shared parts of her workout routine on her Instagram, where her followers have shared words of encouragement and admiration.

Wilson also anticipated early morning hikes in her routine, which she has spoken about on Instagram, saying she: ‘got up super early 3 times […] and went on a hike […] I felt so proud of myself and now only 3 kg away from my goal weight!’

She has been super open in sharing her weight loss journey with her followers, which has allowed us a fantastic insight into how she has lost weight! It is also super inspiring and a reminder that anyone can go out on a hike and move their body!

Although Wilson hasn’t overly restricted her food, she has still made changes to her diet. Instead of following a fat or crash diet, her method involved a more ‘holistic approach’ where she focused on addressing why she ate junk food and changing her mindset rather than harshly restricting her food.

Now that we have looked at her weight loss method let’s dive in a little closer to look at her transformation and diet in more detail!

Rebel Wilson Transformation

Rebel Wilson has transformed her body, losing a whopping 80lbs! You can see the weight loss instantly; Wilson has shrunk all over! Her face has become more pointed, and the signs of a double chin have disappeared!

The difference is also incredibly noticeable on her arms, chest, and torso! Wilson has shocked us with her weight loss in tight, bodycon dresses that show off her curvy chest and hips but tiny waist! Her hourglass figure has remained, but now she looks more toned and defined! It’s giving us serious body envy!

Rebel Wilson Workout Plan

Rebel Wilson has shared parts of her workout plan on Instagram for her followers to enjoy and see her progress! She works out with her trainer, Jono Castano, seven days a week!

The workout plan involves a mixture of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and long hikes to increase the cardio in her routine. Over a week, her routine looked like this:

  1. Daily walks – either outside or on the treadmill
  2. 6 PT sessions a week (with her trainer) involving:
    1. Standing toe touches
    2. Bodyweight lunges
    3. Bodyweight squats
    4. High knee spot sprinting
    5. Press-ups
    6. Walkouts into shoulder taps
    7. Tire flipping
  3. Stair sprints
  4. HIIT and battle ropes

This is quite the workout routine! It’s no wonder Wilson has lost so much weight and is fantastic! It includes a good mixture of cardio and strength-based training, which helps to burn fat and build muscle!

Supplements Used

Rebel Wilson has not used any diet pills or supplements to lose weight! In April 2022, she called out an article circulating online that claimed she used diet pills to lose weight.

Instead, she focused on tackling the reasons behind her emotional eating, began exercising more, and made healthier choices to help her lose a staggering 80lbs!

Rebel Wilson Meal Plan

There was some speculation that Rebel Wilson used the controversial diet, the Mayr Cure to lose weight. She has denied this, along with the use of diet pills, and instead focused on eating a high-protein diet.

Instead of following a rigid diet, Wilson focused on incorporating ‘fish, salmon, and chicken breast.’ She has also been incredibly open that she hasn’t been strict with herself, saying, ‘some weeks are just a write-off, and there’s nothing you can do about that.’

This is a far more positive mindset than restricting yourself and has clearly worked! She has opted for a healthy balance instead, which, combined with exercise, has allowed her to shed 80lbs! 

How Much Weight Has Rebel Wilson Lost (And Current Weight)?

Rebel Wilson has lost a whopping 80lbs, taking her down to 165 pounds, or 75kg! This is an incredible loss, with Wilson now quoted saying she has reached her goal weight! Back in May 2020, Wilson said it was her ‘mission’ to get down to 75kg, which she has now done through a lot of exercises!

How Has Rebel Wilson Maintained Her Weight?

Rebel Wilson has maintained her weight by continuing to exercise and eat a healthy balance of food. She hasn’t been too hard on herself either. Recently, she shared an Instagram post where she stated she gained 3kg on holiday.

Despite the weight gain, she reminded her followers, ‘I can get up tomorrow and go to the gym, and hydrate and eat healthily and love myself. It doesn’t help to be hard on yourself.’

Instead of beating herself up as others would when they put weight on her, Wilson is focusing on balance and enjoying her life! Besides, she has done fantastic and vastly improved her health and mindset surrounding food.

Key Takeaways

Rebel Wilson has lost an impressive 80lbs by changing up her diet and exercise to increase her fertility and chances of becoming a mother. This noble reason has been the driving force as she delved deep into the reasons for her emotional eating (dealing with the pressure of her hectic life) and enlisted the help of a personal trainer to tone her body and trim the fat!

She has done this without using weight loss pills, supplements, or any surgery and has managed to overhaul her health for the better! She has used her weight loss to continue raising awareness for body positivity. She has also focused on the importance of loving and honoring your body, reminding people that ‘it is never too late to improve yourself.’

FAQ Snippets

How Much Weight Did Rebel Wilson Lose?

Rebel Wilson has lost almost 80lbs, taking her down to her goal weight.

How Much Does Rebel Wilson Weigh?

Rebel Wilson weighs 75kg, or 165lbs, which was her goal weight when she began her weight loss journey.

Did Rebel Wilson Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Rebel Wilson has not had any weight loss surgery.

Did Rebel Wilson Use Diet Pills To Lose Weight?

No, Rebel Wilson did not use any weight loss or diet pills to lose weight. She has publicly declared the following falsely written articles that claimed she used weight loss gummies to lose weight.

How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight?

Rebel Wilson lost weight by exercising regularly with her trainer and making healthier eating choices. She also identified the cause of her emotional eating, which leads to junk food, and addressed it to allow her to make better choices for her physical and mental health.


Rebel Wilson has worked extremely hard to lose a whopping 80lbs through daily exercise and shifting her mindset towards food and emotional eating. She has shared the process with her fans and followers on Instagram, reminding them that the occasional setback is okay and can be overcome!

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