Luke Combs Weight Loss: Method, Transformation, workout Plan, Meal Plan

Luke Combs weight loss feature

Luke Combs has been incredibly open about his desire to lose weight, revealing that he, ‘wants to be around,’ to see his son grow up.

Losing weight isn’t always easy, and no one knows that better than country singer, Luke Combs! 

In a recent interview, Combs revealed, ‘it was always something that bugged me,’ and that, ‘I’d really love to trim down and it’s so hard for me to do that.’

But why has it been so hard for him? 

Well, he considers food, ‘the only drug you are addicted to that you have to have to be alive. I don’t need to have a cigarette to be alive, but I need food to be alive.’

It can be challenging to find a healthy approach to losing weight if you have a complex relationship with food, and that is something Combs is aware of.

He admits that he has tried other dieting methods in the past, but had trouble getting the, ‘consistency,’ right to achieve success. 

But the birth of his son changed something.

He wanted to be around to see him grow up, and knew that he needed to, ‘become better overall,’ to live a healthy life with his son!

So he made some changes to his diet and exercise to try and lose weight.

Did it work?

Keep reading to find out how much weight Luke Combs has lost and how he has done it! 

Luke Combs Weight Loss Method

Luke Combs has lost 10 lbs by making changes to his diet and exercise.

This hasn’t been straightforward for Combs, as he has struggled to find the right method to adopt.

He tried a vegan diet but found it hard to sustain. He also worked with a trainer but found it hard to keep up with his busy work schedule. 

When he was following the plans, they did make a difference, but unfortunately for Luke Combs, it has been hard to get the consistency right. 

Luke Combs Transformation

By losing weight, Luke Combs has managed to transform his appearance!

Take a look at the before and after images below to see the difference losing weight has made to Luke Combs’s body! 

Although Combs hasn’t lost a large amount of weight, it has still made a difference to his physique.

You can notice the weight loss around his face, where he now has a slimmer and more defined jaw.

He is also looking slimmer across his chest and stomach, which both appear smaller. 

What we love is how happy Luke Combs looks in the pictures! Losing weight has improved his mental and physical health.

We hope that he finds the right weight loss method for him and continues to make the changes to improve his lifestyle. 

Luke Combs Workout Plan

To lose weight, Luke Combs incorporated exercise into his life. This was difficult for him due to his busy work schedule, but he tried to find time wherever possible.

He enlisted the help of trainer Kevin Klug, who helped to increase his fitness. 

Klug worked with Combs during their time in Nashville to help him get into shape. The workout plan consisted of weight lifting and cardio exercises.

Of these exercises, walking was Combs’ favorite! 

He and his trainer would walk for 30 to 45 minutes a day to help him burn off some extra calories and get into shape!

Walking is a wonderful exercise, especially for anyone looking for a low-impact (and free) exercise to try!

You don’t need to go far either, a walk around the block or to your nearest park is enough to get your muscles pumping and your heart rates up! 

Supplements Used

There is no evidence that Luke Combs has used supplements to lose weight, or plans to in the future.

While he is looking for methods to help him lose weight, he has not mentioned any desire to use supplements to aid in weight loss. 

Luke Combs Meal Plan

To help him lose 10 lbs, Luke Combs made some changes to his diet. Initially, he tried to go vegan to help cut down on junk food in his diet.

A vegan diet involves excluding meat and all animal byproducts, like dairy and eggs, from your diet.

Although restrictive, a vegan diet can be a healthy one and is often used as a weight loss method. 

However, things did not go to plan for Luke Combs. He struggled with the vegan diet, despite making a bet with his keyboard player that he would last 90 days on the diet.

He revealed, ‘I made it just over a month, and I just was like, ‘Man I don’t want to do this anymore.’’ 

Although a vegan lifestyle was not the right option for Luke Combs, it did not mean he abandoned plans to lose weight.

He still maintained dedication to finding a weight loss regime that worked for him, but ultimately, following a vegan meal plan was not the correct option. 

How Much Weight Did Luke Combs Loose (And Current Weight)?

Luke Combs has currently lost around 10 lbs. While this is not a huge loss, he has been open about his struggles and desires to lose weight to be around for his family.

He is on a weight loss journey, and we hope to see him find a method that works for him so he can see the results that he wants! 

Currently, Luke Combs weighs 198 lbs (90 kg). You can see in recent photos of Luke Combs (below) that there have been some changes to his weight.

He does look a little slimmer, especially through his chest and jawline. 

While these are not drastic changes, they are a step in the right direction for Combs!

Hopefully, he can find the right weight loss method for him and achieve the goals he sets for himself.

How Has Luke Combs Maintained His Weight?

Luke Combs has not made any concrete changes to help maintain his weight.

While he has not put on weight since his weight loss, there is no evidence that he is incorporating any new tactics to make consistent changes to his weight or maintain the weight loss. 

His busy schedule thanks to his successful music career made it difficult for Luke Combs to sustain a consistent workout routine or meal plan.

While his career doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, we hope he can find the time to make the changes to see his weight loss drop and live a healthy and happy life with his son! 

Key Takeaways 

Luke Combs has managed to lose 10 lbs but is determined to lose more weight to ensure that he sees his son grow up.

He has opened up about how hard he finds losing weight, a sentiment many of us can agree with. 

Luke Combs is still struggling to find a weight loss method that works for him.

He recognizes that he knows what needs to be done to lose weight, but struggles to maintain it.

He has had some success in the past, working with trainer Kevin Klug, but this was short-lived, and he only lasted a month or so. 

While Luke Combs might not have found the method that works for him, we hope that he holds onto his determination and keeps trying, especially if weight loss is something that he wants to achieve. 

Frequent Asked Question

Who Is Luke Combs?

Luke Combs is an American country music songwriter and singer from North Carolina.

His recent song, ‘Going, Going, Gone’  hit number 1 when it was released in 2022.

This single was his 15th consecutive number 1 hit, a real testament to how loved his music is across the country! 

Did Luke Combs Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No Luke Combs has not had weight loss surgery to lose weight.

Luke Combs has been struggling with his weight, but weight loss surgery is not an option he has considered. 

How Much Weight Did Luke Combs Lose?

Currently, Luke Combs has lost 10 lbs. While this isn’t a huge weight loss, it is still one to celebrate!

Luke Combs has been open and honest about his struggles with his weight loss and desire to lose more weight. We hope he can find a path that works for him soon! 

Why Does Luke Combs Want To Lose Weight?

Luke Combs wants to lose weight too, ‘be around,’ for his son as he grows up.

Combs opened up in a radio interview that the birth of his son made him want to lose weight to ensure he would be a part of his son’s life. 

He also spoke in the interview about how challenging he found the process of losing weight.  


And there you have it! Although Luke Combs has not lost a huge amount of weight, he has still managed to lose weight.

His drive to lose weight is rooted in a desire to see his son grow up and be there for his family. 

While he has not had an easy ride in finding a suitable weight loss method and executing it, we hope that his determination will see him continue to make the changes and efforts needed to lose weight. 

Good luck Luke, we all support you!  

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