Whitney Thore Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

Whitney Thore reached her breaking point after her weight hit 365 lbs. It was the heaviest she had ever been, and on top of it, her relationship ended when she discovered her fiancé had cheated on her.

She describes this moment To People Magazine as her, ‘breaking point,’ and decided that things needed to change.

Initially, Whitney Thore considered weight loss surgery and shared this with her friends and family. Thore revealed, ‘I would say that was probably the lowest point in my life. I even thought about having weight loss surgery. Which I have never in my life thought about.’

Although she saw weight loss surgery as the ‘easy’ way out, she did not rush into it. Instead, she spent some time talking to her therapist and decided to take a different approach.

So what did she do?

Well, she began focusing on losing weight by adopting a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and actively working out. So she partnered with NoSDactive, a monthly workout subscription focusing on body-positive, diet-free workouts.

The goal was not only to enjoy working out but, as she revealed on Instagram, to feel the mental and physical benefits too!

And it worked! Whitney Thore used the program to lose over 70 lbs! Not only has she managed to lose weight, but gain self-confidence! Thore has shared videos of her exercises, which have been shared by the The Sun showing her followers how much fun she has while working out.

But what workouts did she do? And did she make any changes to her diet?

We have all the answers to these questions and others you might have in the article below! So keep reading to find out everything there is to know about Whitney Thore’s weight loss.

Whitney Thore Weight Loss Method

To lose weight, Whitney Thore made changes to her eating habits and incorporated more workouts. She teamed up with NoBSactive, a monthly workout subscription program. The program focuses on body-positive and diet-free workouts that bring the fun back into working out!

Whitney Thore frequently shares videos and pictures of her weight loss journey on her social media platforms. Her posts showcase the various workouts she has participated in and highlight how much fun she has been having!

She has also been dancing, and The Sun has shared the videos of her showing off her stretches and moves while she works with her trainer Tod. The goal isn’t only to lose weight but to enjoy working out.

She also added changes to her diet, and in conjunction with her workout routine, she was able to shed an amazing amount of weight.

Her diet has been shared with GoHealthLine, and focused on incorporating lean protein and fresh vegetables and cutting out junk food. We have a breakdown of her meal plan below, so be sure to keep reading to check that out!

Whitney Thore Transformation

Check out these before and after pictures of Whitney Thore above to see her transformation! You can see a big difference in her weight, especially on her face. In addition, Whitney now has a more defined jaw!

She also looks slimmer through her arms and core, which we are sure is the result of her workouts!

Whitney Thore Workout Plan

Whitney Thore subscribed to the NoBSactive plan to get help with her workouts. The exercises on the program are designed to be body-positive and diet-free that, ‘focuses on the joy of movement and mental and physical benefits exercise has.’

The workouts can all be modified too, allowing Thore to start out as a beginner and work her way up.

Whitney Thore incorporated dancing into her workout routine and happily shared her moves with her followers. In addition, she made these workouts a regular part of her routine to help her lose weight and improve her overall fitness.

She also spoke about sharing these fitness videos on social media, which has been reported to The Sun. Thore said, ‘I never feel more present in my body or more joyful than when I am dancing. And I never feel as alive or as thankful as when I’m sharing that with others.

Not only has her workout plan helped her fall in love with fitness, but Thore is feeling better too! It’s wonderful that Whitney Thore wants to share her workouts with her followers and feel good about herself as a result of her weight loss journey!

Supplements Used

There is no evidence that Whitney Thore used supplements to lose weight. Instead, she focused on incorporating more movement into her lifestyle.

Thanks to her training routine, Whitney Thore was able to rediscover her love for exercise while incorporating dances into her workout routine. She also made sure to prioritize her diet by fueling her body with essential nutrients.

You can even check out her meal plan below!

Whitney Thore Meal Plan

To achieve her weight loss goals and prioritize a happier and healthier lifestyle, Whitney Thore made some changes to her diet.

She started by incorporating more whole foods and cutting back on processed foods and added sugars. Whitney also paid attention to portion sizes and tried to make healthier choices when eating out.

Her meal plan below was revealed to GoHealthLine might seem a little tough to follow, but it is certainly attainable with some dedication! She added more vegetables and lean protein into her diet and cut out processed foods.

Doing so has allowed her body to get the nutrients it needs and fuel her body. After all, you can’t exercise and expect good results if your body isn’t fueled correctly!

Check out what she eats on a typical day.


For breakfast, Whitney Thore enjoys egg whites and half a grapefruit.


Lunch is half a cup of brown rice served with a cup of vegetables and two ounces of lean protein.


For dinner, she ate part of a whole wheat dinner roll, a cup of vegetables, and two ounces of lean protein.

How Much Weight Did Whitney Thore Lose (And Current Weight)?

Whitney Thore lost a whopping 77 lbs as part of her weight loss journey. She currently weighs 309 pounds according to Soapdirt. While this weight is still slightly heavy for her frame, she seems to be happier than ever.

Just take a look at her recent pictures above! Doesn’t she look fantastic? Whitney Thore is proof that exercise can be fun!

How Has Whitney Thore Maintained Her Weight?

Whitney Thore has maintained her weight by continuing with her workouts and diet. As a result, she is looking fantastic and is keeping the weight off!

Whitney Thore has been consistent with her fitness routine and healthier diet. Her efforts have paid off, as she hasn’t gained any weight. It’s truly inspiring to see her hard work paying off, not only through weight loss but also in improved health and well-being.

Whitney has also mentioned how much joy dancing brings her, which is likely why she’s continued to prioritize it in her routine.

Key Takeaways

Following the end of her relationship, Whitney Thore realized she had reached her heaviest weight and decided to make a change for the better. Through diet and exercise, she was able to lose weight and now looks fantastic!

Whitney also partnered with NoBSactive, a monthly workout subscription that provided her with access to enjoyable workouts that could be customized to fit anyone’s fitness level.

In addition, she shared her progress on social media, using these fun workouts to help her stay active and achieve her weight loss goals.

FAQ Snippets

Did Whitney Thore Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Whitney Thore did not have weight loss surgery.

She revealed to People Magazine that after her engagement broke down, she considered it but changed her mind after discussing it with her therapist and realized she was ‘looking for relief or a solution’ instead of healing from the breakup.

How Much Weight Did Whitney Thore Lose?

Whitney Thore lost 77 lbs through diet and exercise.

Why Did Whitney Thore Lose Weight?

At her heaviest weight and with her relationship in shambles, Whitney Thore found herself at a low point. Determined to improve how she felt, she made the decision to lose weight.

Although she took some time to decide on the right weight loss method, she opted to lose weight through changes to her diet and a new workout routine. Doing so helped her lose weight.

Has Whitney Thore Gained Weight?

No, Whitney Thore has not regained weight since losing weight. Instead, she has continued exercising and eating healthy to keep the weight off!


And there you have it! Whitney Thore managed to lose over 70 lbs through diet and exercise. Her partnership with NoBSactive allowed her to fall in love with exercise again, providing her with access to exercises that could be modified to suit her needs.

Instead of having weight loss surgery, Thore took time to consider what she wanted. As a result, she changed her lifestyle and now reaps the reward of a healthier and happier life. Through small changes to your diet and exercise, you could do the same too!

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