Jill Scott Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

Jill Scott Weight loss

Fans were undoubtedly amazed by Jill Scott’s dramatic weight loss transformation, which was evident in recent pictures of her. Her defined waist, jawline, and smaller frame left many wondering about the secret to her success.

What motivated her to lose weight? And how did she achieve such impressive results?

Well, following the birth of her son, Jill Scott was the heaviest she had been, but then, something clicked! She revealed to Essence,‘there’s a world of discovery in [my son’s] eyes, and I want to be around to enjoy it!’

Her desire to see her son grow up was motivation enough for her to make changes to her health. So now, her health has become a priority, and she sought to make changes.

With the help of Scott Parker, Jill Scott embarked on a journey where she lost an incredible 63 pounds! This was mainly achieved by reducing her intake of fatty foods and increasing the intensity of her workouts, and she was able to transform her body and achieve her desired results.

So if you’re curious about Jill Scott’s weight loss journey, we’ve got you covered! Read on to discover her specific workouts, the foods she ate, and all the other details you need to know.

Jill Scott Weight Loss Method

Jill Scott lost weight through diet and exercise! Instead of looking for a quick fix or a crash diet, Scott took her time after the birth of her son. Over the course of two years, Jill Scott lost 63 pounds.

She made changes to her diet, opting for low-fat meals and incorporating healthy snacks throughout the day.

She also started working with L.A. fitness expert Scott Parker and adopted a combination of cardio and strength training exercises to help her shed excess weight and trim body fat. Not only did this approach help her burn calories, but it also improved her overall muscle tone and definition.

Jill Scott Transformation

Jill Scott has transformed her body since the birth of her son, Jett! Although it took almost two years to achieve, the difference is truly phenomenal! Following Jett’s birth, Jill was at her heaviest and decided to lose weight to improve her health and be there for her son.

You can easily appreciate the huge weight loss by checking her recent pictures! After dropping over 60 lbs, she looks incredible, with a defined jaw and chiseled cheekbones! What’s more, her frame has shrunk, revealing a tiny waist!

What we love most of all is how happy Jill Scott looks! It is also important that she took her time and lost weight sustainably. While she is pleased with the results of her new body, she has been open about how she felt, saying to Essence, ‘I’ll never be a stick figure.’

Jill Scott knows that her body is curvy, and she owns it! It’s one of the reasons we all love her; she isn’t trying to create a body she doesn’t have.

Jill Scott Workout Plan

Exercise played a crucial role in Jill Scott’s weight loss. She trained with L.A. pro Scott Parker three times a week.

Their training sessions involved boxing and biking, which she enjoys, telling Us Weekly, ‘we have fun!’ She would even take her son on outdoor bike rides as part of her training, which we bet was awesome!

Fun can be a key component to finding the motivation to exercise; it’s wonderful that Scott was able to achieve this through her workout plan! Her workouts, she told Us Weekly, were a mixture of ‘60-minute cardio and strength-training sessions.’

The mixture of cardio and strength training ensured Scott’s body got a good workout! It allowed her to burn calories through cardio but also build muscle and strength, keeping her strong and active!

Supplements Used

There is no evidence that Jill Scott used supplements to lose weight. Instead, Jill Scott’s weight loss regime focused on eating low-fat meals and working out regularly, completing a mixture of strength and cardio-based exercises.

It is the combination of diet and exercise that allowed her to lose weight over two years following the birth of her son.

Jill Scott Meal Plan

Another critical component in Jill Scott’s weight loss has been her diet. When she decided to lose weight, she looked at the foods she was eating and made a change. To help her lose weight, Jill Scott cut fat from her diet, but she did not remove it entirely.

She told Us Magazine she started eating, ‘three low-fat meals and two snacks per day.’ This ensures that her body is getting the fuel that it needs for her workouts, but she isn’t adding too much fat that could counteract her weight loss.

Adding snacks to her meal plan ensures that Jill Scott isn’t getting hungry throughout the day and making poor choices to satisfy her hunger.

As Jill Scott was losing weight slowly and sustainably, she didn’t need an extreme diet that would provide a quick fix. Instead, she could create a suitable plan that would allow her body to be fueled by the right foods and still lose weight!

How Much Weight Has Jill Scot Lost (And Current Weight)?

Jill Scott has lost an impressive 63 lbs! She has also managed to keep the weight off, weighing 201 lbs (91 kg), according to Celebrity Tall! You can check out above the most recent pictures of Jill Scott. Doesn’t she look amazing?

We can see that Jill Scott has managed to keep the weight off and is sporting a wonderful figure. What’s more, the huge smile on her face suggests that she is healthy and happy with her body!

How Has Jill Scott Maintained Her Weight Loss?

Jill Scott has managed to maintain her weight by continuing with the changes she implemented in her life. By losing weight gradually, she has not made any drastic changes to her life, making it easier for the weight to stay off.

The proof is in the pudding too, as she told Essence the weight has stayed off ‘for two years,’ with no sign of changing!

Thanks to Jill Scott’s combination of having fun while she works out and taking a gradual approach to weight loss, she has managed to maintain her weight.

Jill Scott has continued with a low-fat diet, preventing the weight from returning, but she has not restricted herself. She has also continued exercising regularly, enjoying outdoor workouts where she can and even taking her son along!

She has also made peace with her figure, as we mentioned earlier. She isn’t looking for a drastic change or to become skinny but to keep and enjoy her curves! Jill Scott is proof that weight loss is attainable and can be maintained, providing you take the right approach to it as she did!

Key Takeaways

Jill Scott shed an amazing 63 lbs following the birth of her first son. She wanted to ensure she was fit and healthy enough to see him grow up. To lose weight, Jill Scott made changes to her lifestyle, including overhauling her diet and following a new exercise routine.

She trained three times a week with Scott Parker, doing a mixture of cardio and strength training sessions. She ate low-fat meals alongside this to aid in weight loss. She took her time, taking nearly two years to lose the weight.

But losing weight this way has meant that she has kept the weight off and looks fantastic!

FAQ Snippets

Did Jill Scott Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Jill Scott did not have weight loss surgery. Instead, she made changes to her diet and implemented a new workout regimen to help her lose weight after the birth of her son.

Why Did Jill Scott Lose Weight?

Jill Scott wanted to lose weight after becoming a mother. The birth of her son made her consider her own health. She wanted to ensure that she would be around to see him grow up, so she made changes to her diet and lifestyle to help her lose weight.

Has Jill Scott Gained Weight?

No, Jill Scott has not gained weight since losing weight after the birth of her son. She has managed to maintain her weight loss thanks to the slow and sustainable changes she made while losing weight.


And there you have it! Jill Scott lost an impressive 63 lbs following the birth of her son, Jett! She lost weight by working with her trainer Scott Parker three times a week. She also made changes to her diet, eating low-fat meals with snacks throughout the day to keep hunger at bay.

Jill Scott didn’t rush her weight loss but went at her own pace, gradually making healthy and sustainable changes. This slower pace not only allowed her to lose weight in a way that worked for her but has meant she has kept the weight off and looks fantastic!

Plus, the changes she made were simple and could be replicated by anyone!

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