Doja Cat Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

Doja Cat Weight Loss

Get ready to be amazed as we take you to the incredible transformation of Doja Cat’s body. The talented artist caused quite a stir among her fans when she revealed her new, slimmer figure, leaving everyone curious about how and why she achieved such a remarkable change.

Doja Cat has been vocal about struggles with her body in the past, opening up to Cosmo ME about her battle with body dysmorphia. She revealed, ‘I definitely had body dysmorphia […] it started in my teens […] I never really thought I looked good in a lot of the stuff I wore.’

Doja carried these feelings with her until the release of her song Juicy, which she described to Cosmo ME as, ‘therapeutic,’ and that, ‘I was doing it for my own happiness.’

While it seems that Doja has managed to overcome these issues that can impact people and their eating habits, she admitted, ‘I still struggle with body dysmorphia a bit now,’ attributing it to social media.

Instead of letting it get her down though, she got to work, telling Cosmo ME she was focusing on, ‘eating well.’ Her attention to eating a healthier lifestyle has helped her to lose weight! She also began working out more, to achieve a fitter and toned body.

It is inspiring to see Doja Cat work to overcome body dysmorphia and make changes in her lifestyle to become healthier.

Today, we are here to inspire you and reveal all the details of Doja Cat’s weight loss! So keep reading to see her diet, workout regime, and everything else you need to know! 

Doja Cat Weight Loss Method

Doja Cat lost an amazing 20 lbs through diet and exercise according to Sportskeeda. Instead of turning to quick fixes, Doja Cat looked at her diet and lifestyle to make changes that she could sustain.

These changes included eating healthier, adding more fruits and vegs, and physical exercixes with a gym trainer.Together, they created a workout plan that would allow her to tone up her body and improve her fitness.

She has been engaging in a variety of workout routines, including cardio exercises such as cycling, running, and dancing, as part of her efforts to tone her body, and has increased the frequency of her workouts.

Doja Cat Transformation

Doja Cat in 2021
Source: Wikimedia Commons

There is no doubt Doja Cat has transformed her body after losing weight! Now her body looks visibly different.

Her thighs are smaller than previously, with more tone and definition. In addition, her torso and abdomen appear significantly smaller now, with a noticeably smaller waist.

She is proof that you can lose weight to improve your health without getting fixated on a number. It also proves how hard she is working to overcome her body dysmorphia and love her body as it is!

Doja Cat Workout Plan

In combination with changes to her diet, Doja Cat embarked on a new workout plan. She followed a plan with the help of her trainer to ensure that she was hitting her fitness goals.

They created a workout routine that would work for her and allow her to burn some extra calories and build muscle.

Doja Cat has shared videos of her working out with her trainer on social media, with videos of her routine on YouTube.

Her workout videos have been super inspiring, giving her fans an insight into the types of workouts she does, and even providing them with opportunities to follow along.

And to tell you what she does to keep her body in shape, we have her detailed workout plan below for you to check out now!

Her workout plan, shared with Beauty Crew includes the following strength training exercises:

  • Upper body lifting
  • Bench step ups
  • Crunches
  • Incline dumbbell press
  • Kettlebell squats
  • Lunches
  • Jump squats

But Doja Cat doesn’t just work on building muscle (or a booty); she also incorporates some cardio-based exercises too. She also added yoga to her routine to help improve her flexibility.

This combination of exercises has allowed her to burn excess calories and add some definition to her body too! Plus, the workouts she shared all looked like fun, who doesn’t want to have fun while they get fit?

Supplements Used

There is no evidence that Doja Cat used supplements to help her lose weight. Her focus seems to be on diet and exercise to help her lose weight and improve her overall fitness.

The changes she made to her diet, including adding lots of fresh veggies and working out consistently have helped her shed weight and look fantastic!

Doja Cat Meal Plan

Doja Cat made changes to her diet to help her lose weight. These included cutting certain foods from her diet, like processed, fast, and junk food. But that doesn’t mean that she ate miserably!

Although she rarely shares specifics about her daily meals and snacks on social media, Sportskeeda shared her diet plan.

For snacks, she opts for spinach, eggs, and seaweed chips to curb junk food cravings. As for main meals, protein-rich options like salmon and chicken accompanied by veggies are a go-to for lunch and dinner.
Moreover, Doja Cat’s love for juice is apparent, as she drinks plenty of green and fruit juices. During a live tour of her refrigerator, she even displayed a list of her favorite foods, which includes quinoa, tuna, kale, and plenty of water.

Her diet regimen included the following.

  • 2 eggs and bread for breakfast
  • Vegetables with salmon/tuna for lunch
  • Coffee and seaweed crisps for supper
  • Salads, spinach, and chicken steak for dinner

Apart from her diet, Doja Cat credits getting enough quality sleep as one of the secrets to her weight loss success. Scientific studies also suggest that ample rest helps burn calories more efficiently.

How Much Weight Has Doja Cat Lost (And Current Weight)?

Doja Cat Planet Her Day Party 2
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Doja Cat has lost an impressive 20 lbs! She currently weighs 121 lbs (55kg), according to Celeb Health Magazine. Check out the most recent photos of Doja Cat above, doesn’t she look fantastic?

You can see the weight loss, especially across her torso and waist! The changes Doja Cat has made are healthy ones that have allowed her to fuel her body while losing weight too.

Not only that, but she looks happy too, proving that the weight loss has impacted all aspects of her life. We think you look fantastic, Doja!

How Has Doja Cat Maintained Her Weight?

Doja Cat has maintained her weight by continuing with her workouts and healthy eating. Instead of using them as a quick fix to lose weight or change her body shape, she has made sustainable changes that allow her to maintain a healthy weight!

Recent photos of Doja Cat on social media prove that she has managed to maintain her weight perfectly! She has shown off her smaller waist and defined thighs in risque photos in Instagram, showing her fans that her hard work has paid off!

Key Takeaways

Doja Cat lost 20 lbs through diet and exercise in her quest to become healthier. The main changes she made included eating more fruits and vegetables, and cutting out processed and junk food.

She also started working out regularly with her trainer, doing a mixture of cardio and strength training exercises.

Doja Cat’s weight loss has allowed her to have a smaller waist, legs, and overall slimmer frame. Her body is also more toned too, the result of her hard work in the gym!

By continuing with her healthy eating, Doja Cat has managed to maintain her weight without making too many drastic changes to her lifestyle.

FAQ Snippets

Has Doja Cat Had Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Doja Cat did not have weight loss surgery to lose weight. Instead, she focused on making changes to her diet and exercise regime to help her lose weight.

Why Were People Worried About Doja Cats Losing Weight?

People were worried about Doja Cat losing weight because she wasn’t overweight. Her previous weight of 140 lbs wasn’t considered too much for her height.

Fans were concerned when she showed her smaller frame on social media, worried about the implications her body dysmorphia was having on her.

Doja hit back at these claims, telling fans that it isn’t, ‘your place to speak,’ Capital Xtra reported. She also said that it was her, ‘choice to eat more healthy and workout,’ before reminding fans to think before commenting on other people’s weight.

While some people might be concerned, it’s clear that Doja Cat decided to lose weight to feel healthier, rather than to look a certain way!


And there you have it! Doja Cat lost weight by making changes to her diet and exercise regime. By working out consistently with a trainer and focusing on fueling her body with fresh fruits and vegetables, Doja Cat was able to shed 20 lbs!

Her weight loss came from a desire to eat and feel more healthy within herself, rather than to look a certain way or hit a certain weight. She lost her weight in a sustainable manner, which has allowed her to keep the weight off and debut a smaller and more defined frame!

By making changes to her lifestyle, she was able to lose weight, and you can too!

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