Kim Kardashian Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

Kim Kardashian weight loss

Kim Kardashian’s body has wowed fans for years. Whether it is her dynamite curves or ability to shed baby weight at the drop of a hat, her body and weight loss journey is perhaps one of the most talked about in the world!

So when she rocked up to the Met Gala, wearing Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress, the internet went wild. 

How had she lost the weight to fit into the dress? How was she continuing to lose weight, sporting a slimmer frame than before? And what caused the weight loss? 

Well, a huge part of the weight loss was to fit into Monroe’s dress, losing 16 pounds in three weeks to fit into it.

But she has continued to lose weight after that, saying that the initial weight loss ‘taught me a lot about my lifestyle and health […] I continued to eat really healthy. I’m down 21 pounds now.’ 

While the debate rages on about whether Kardashian should have lost weight just to fit into a dress, it’s clear it was about more than that for her.

She told Today, ‘I have more energy than ever […] I just completely changed my lifestyle.’ 

So how did she lose weight?

She cut out junk food, started training more, and the weight fell off in May 2022. But we know you want to hear more than that!

So keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Kim Kardashian’s weight loss, including a meal plan and workout routine! 

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Method

Kim Kardashian lost weight by following a strict diet. For this diet, she ‘completely cut out all sugar and all carbs,’ leaving her with just veggies and protein to eat. Kardashian told Vogue, ‘I didn’t starve myself, but I was so strict.’

This diet focused on eating as cleanly as possible and forced Kardashian to cut out junk food and other processed meals and snacks.

While this did mean she was consuming only healthy foods, she noted how much of, ‘a challenge,’ it was. Cutting out entire food groups is always a challenge, especially when it comes to carbs and sugar!

Alongside her diet, Kim Kardashian also changed up her workout routine, where she would, ‘wear a sauna suit twice a day, run on the treadmill.’ This exercise allowed her to lose 16 lbs in just three weeks, helping her to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress. 

After losing the initial 16 lbs, Kardashian reported that she has, ‘more energy than ever,’ which inspired her to keep going. Kardashian, ‘continued to eat healthy,’ taking her weight loss down to 21 lbs.

She did this by continuing with her strict diet and exercise regime, avoiding sugar and carbs and focusing on, ‘lots of veggies and protein

By doing so, Kardashian has taken her weight down to 118 lbs, she is the smallest she has ever been!

There has been some concern about her weight loss, with many fans being concerned about her tiny frame, but she has hit back, claiming that she, ‘didn’t starve herself,’ instead focusing on a strict diet and exercise. 

When looking at Kim Kardashian’s weight loss, it’s important to remember that her method won’t work for everyone. Be sure to seek medical advice before implementing a new regime. 

Now let’s move on and look closer at her diet and workout routine! 

Kim Kardashian Transformation

The transformation of Kim Kardashian is super noticeable! Recent posts on her social media show her looking slimmer than ever before!

Her waist is smaller, and her curvy shape, while still there, has shrunk, giving her a far more petite and slim build. 

Although the weight loss was initially to fit into Monroe’s dress, it has continued, and the 5ft 2 star now weighs just 118 lbs! 

Kim Kardashian Workout Plan

Kim Kardashian has often shared snippets of her workout routine on social media, where we see her running or working out with her trainer. 

Previously, she has shared her workout plan that she follows six days a week. These 90-minute workouts involve weight training to help her build muscle and cardio exercises like agility ladder jumps and sprints.

To help her lose the 21 lbs she recently lost, Kardashian took a different approach.

She revealed that she wore, ‘a sauna suit twice a day,’ and ran, ‘on the treadmill.’ wearing a sauna suit helped her to shed some excess water weight, which can be helpful when trying to lose weight quickly.

Her exercise on the treadmill also helped to keep her fit and active. 

The workout plan isn’t as extensive as you might think for Kim Kardashian, but it sure is effective! Remember to speak to your doctor before undertaking any new exercise or workout routines. 

Supplements Used

There have been rumors that Kim Kardashian used semaglutide to help her lose weight.

The injection is frequently given to people with diabetes and can lose up to one-fifth of their weight, aiding with their illness. However, Kim Kardashian has never confirmed that she used this injection to lose weight. 

Instead, she has confirmed her meal plan and workout routine that helped her drop 16 lbs in three weeks and a further 5 lbs, taking her total weight loss to 21 lbs. 

Kim Kardashian Meal Plan

As we mentioned earlier, Kim Kardashian completely cut sugar and carbs from her diet to help her lose weight.

But what did she eat? Check out her meal plan below to find out what she was eating to help achieve this weight loss. 


Kim Kardashian starts her day usually with blueberry oatmeal pancakes. These are typically mixed in a blender to create a smooth consistency and topped with fruit, like a banana, to add some extra nutrition to the meal.


Lunch usually features chicken and vegetables. These vegetables include carrots, broccoli, and other greens.

Kardashian also eats sweet potatoes at lunch to provide her with some extra vitamins. None of this is fried or marinated to ensure that the vitamins and proteins stay intact. 


Dinner is a light meal for Kardashian, usually consisting of fish and boiled vegetables.

While this might sound a little bland, some seasoning easily transforms this into a delicious and healthy meal! 

How Much Weight Has Kim Kardashian Lost (And Current Weight)?

Kim Kardashian has lost 21 pounds, taking her weight down to 118 lbs, or 54.43kg. 

How Has Kim Kardashian Maintained Her Weight?

Kim Kardashian has maintained her weight loss by continuing to follow a strict diet. She has also continued to work out with her trainer to keep her frame slim and her fitness level high. 

That doesn’t mean Kardashian doesn’t enjoy a treat though. After the Met Gala, she took to her Instagram stories to show her enjoying pizza and doughnuts.

After being without carbs and sugar for three weeks, we bet they tasted so good! 

Key Takeaways

Kim Kardashian successfully lost 16 pounds in just three weeks by following a strict diet regimen that eliminated carbohydrates and sugar. She implemented a new workout regimen that included wearing a sauna suit twice daily and running on a treadmill. 

She continued her weight loss to lose 21 lbs, taking her down to 118 lbs! Her weight loss did spark some controversy, but Kardashian remains adamant that she has never had more energy or felt healthier.

Her diet focuses on veggies and protein, ensuring that her body is getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs. 

FAQ Snippets

Did Kim Kardashian Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Kim Kardashian did not have weight loss surgery to help her lose weight to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress. 

Why Did Kim Kardashian Lose More Weight?

Kardashian claims that the reason for losing weight initially was to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress and likens it to losing weight for a role.

After the initial weight loss, she continued to lose weight to improve her health and energy levels. 

How Did Kim Kardashian Lose Weight?

Kim Kardashian lost 21 pounds by wearing a sauna suit twice a day, running on the treadmill, and eliminating carbs and sugars from her diet.

Previously, Kardashian has followed the Atkins 40 diet and worked with personal trainers to lose weight. 


And there you have it, everything you need to know about Kim Kardashian’s weight loss!

Sure, her recent weight loss has been controversial, but when does she do anything without it being a controversy?

One thing is for sure, though, her strict diet helped her lose weight and has left her feeling more energetic and healthier than before! 

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