Kaley Cuoco Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

Kaley Cuoco

There’s no denying Kaley Cuoco is one of the most desired figures in Hollywood! Best known for her role as cute girl-next-door Penny in The Big Bang Theory, she has always been in fantastic shape.

But recently, she wowed the world with a slimmer and more defined figure, with wonderful abs and toned arms. And the world cried out, how? 

Well, we are here to tell you how!

Through the good old diet and exercise, Kaley Cuoco increased her workouts, focusing on hot yoga and HIIT routines with her personal trainer to help define her body. She also focused on eating clean foods and cutting candy out of her diet entirely. The method has worked, as she is down 6 lbs and looking even better than ever! 

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But why did she choose to do this?

Well, Cuoco has opened up about wanting to prioritize her health and fitness.

In an interview with US Weekly, she said, ‘I’m not 21 anymore. It used to be so easy, I didn’t have to do so much,’ but as the realization hit, she made working out and eating right part of her day.  

She has discussed the transformative effects of hot yoga on her body, stating that it has left her toned and muscular, which she finds both sexy and beautiful.

The impact diet and exercise have made on her body is wonderful to see; Cuoco is more confident and enjoying her newly defined body! 

Now that we know why and how Kaley Cuoco lost weight let’s dive in and look at it in more detail!

We have her workout routine, meal plan, and everything else you need to know below! 

Kaley Cuoco Weight Loss Method 

So how did Kaley Cuoco lose weight? Well, through diet and exercise! Following a realization that ‘I’m not 21 anymore,’ Cuoco decided to put her health and fitness first.

She began by looking at her diet, making sure that she was ‘eating right.’

To do this, she cut out candy and sweet treats that she was mindlessly eating. We all know how easy it is to overindulge in candies! 

By cutting out these extra calories, she has managed to lose weight and feel healthier and happier! 

Next, she set her sights on exercise. Cuoco has always loved fitness, especially yoga and horse riding, which made it super easy for her to up her fitness!

After falling in love with hot yoga, she added it to her workout routine. She now attends hot yoga classes five times a week! 

Doing so has helped her to shed 6 lbs in just three months, and she is looking fabulous!

Her method has not been too drastic, allowing her to work slowly to create the body of her dreams. Keep reading to see exactly how she did it! 

Kaley Cuoco Transformation

The transformation in Kaley Cuoco’s body is easy to see! After working with a personal trainer, she added more definition to her body. You can notice this especially in her abs and arms.

In recent magazine shoots for Shape and Healthy You, she has shown off her incredible figure. It’s no secret that she is glowing with her beautiful and toned body!

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Kaley Cuoco Workout Plan

Kaley Cuoco’s workout plan has helped her lose 6 lbs and create a toned and defined body!

It’s no secret that Cuoco loves working out! It is well documented that she loves Soul Cycling and hot yoga, with Cuoco saying, ‘doing yoga five times a week has transformed my body.’ 

So it’s no surprise that yoga features heavily in her workout plan below. 

HIIT Routine

Kaley Cuoco completed a HIIT workout a few times a week. This consists of a stretching warm-up and three separate circuits. 

Circuit One 

She starts her workout with three rounds of the circuit with two-minute breaks between each round. 

  • Ten close-grip push-ups
  • 15 squat jumps
  •  20 seconds of mountain climbers
  • 30-second plank

Circuit Two

Kaley Cuoco does five rounds of this circuit with two-minute breaks between each round. 

  • 20 v-ups
  • Five burpees
  • 10 jumping lunges 
  • 15 plank to push-ups 

Circuit Number Three 

The final circuit is completed once. 

  • Ten burpees
  • 20 knee ups 
  • 30 bodyweight rows 
  • 40 mountain climbers 
  • 50 air squats 
  • 60 seconds plank

Horses, SoulCycle, And Yoga 

Kayley Cuoco adds hot yoga and SoulCycle classes into her routine. She attends hot yoga classes five days a week and also includes some horse riding to provide her body with a full cardio workout. 

Supplements Used

Kaley Cuoco takes a few supplements that have helped her on her fitness journey. These include Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), vitamins E and C, omega 3s, and caffeine. 

These all play slightly different roles in her body. BCAAs work to reduce muscle soreness caused by micro-tears in the muscles and help to build lean muscle mass. 

Vitamins C and E help improve the muscle’s response to working out and increase blood circulation.

Omega 3s also increase the movement of oxygen into muscle during exercise, while caffeine helps to increase fat burning during a workout. 

All of these supplements have helped Kaley Cuoco to build muscle, tone her body, and trim some excess fat!

Kaley Cuoco Meal Plan

To help her achieve her weight loss, Kaley Cuoco followed a meal plan that provided her body with the nutrients it needed.

She has cut out candy after noticing, ‘it was mindless eating […] and adding hundreds of calories I didn’t even think about.’ 

By cutting out candy as a bedtime snack, she has been able to follow a cleaner diet and fuel her body with the right nutrients.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a treat, though! 

Kaley Cuoco occasionally treats herself to an In-and-Out burger, where her order of choice is a grilled sandwich with fries and a shake.

Cuoco understands the importance of a balanced diet, enjoying cheat days too, which she says prevent her from ‘being in a bad mood all the time.’

The following meal plan shows a typical day of eating for Cuoco. Let’s check it out now! 


She starts her day with an extra-hot oat milk latte. She enjoys this with sourdough toast and peanut butter.

This breakfast is such an important part of her day that she travels with her peanut butter and toaster so she can always have her breakfast! 


Lunch usually revolves around tuna. This might be a salad, wrap, or scooped up with chips! 


Rather than leave long gaps between her meals, Kaley Cuoco snacks regularly to keep her on track.

This ensures that she continues to eat healthily (and not fall off the wagon) but also keeps her energy up! 

Her snacks are usually Luna Bars and smoothies. Her go-to smoothie is a Scotty-s Mint Chip at Juice Ranch.

Not only does it taste like mint chip ice cream, but it’s packed full of nutritious ingredients like cashew milk, almond butter, avocado, and cacao nibs! 

She also enjoys rice cakes, pears, or apples with peanut butter. 


Cuoco ends her day with a serving of fish and plenty of veggies! This is usually a grilled salmon paired with a baked potato and fresh veggies, which is sometimes eaten taco style! 

How Much Weight Has Kaley Cuoco Lost (And Current Weight)?

Kaley Cuoco has lost six pounds, giving her a current weight of 126 lbs, or 57 kg.

For her five foot six frame, this weight gives her a slender frame. And one that she has worked hard to tone through her exercise routine! 

How Has Kaley Cuoco Maintained Her Weight?

Kaley Cuoco has maintained her weight by continuing to follow her exercise regime and meal plan.

The secret to her success has been going slow and steady! Cuoco told Shape, ‘I didn’t starve or kill myself with exercise. I went slowly, and it paid off.’

By going slowly, Cuoco has been able to maintain her weight. There have been no drastic shifts in her eating or exercise habits, which reduces the chances of her weight fluctuating. 

This mindset and attitude have helped Cuoco in many ways, including how she shops. Cuoco says she has previously had to ‘buy jeans in three sizes,’ as she didn’t know what her body would be like on any day.

But that is now a thing of the past! This freedom she has bought herself is wonderful, and a testament to Kaley Cuoco’s hard work! 

Key Takeaways 

Kaley Cuoco has managed to lose 6 lbs by attending yoga classes five days a week, completing HIIT circuits, and following a diet that focuses on fresh veggies and protein.

Not only has this allowed her to lose some weight, but she has managed to tone and define her body, showcasing incredible abs and arms! 

FAQ Snippets 

Did Kaley Cuoco Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Kaley Cuoco did not have weight loss surgery to lose weight. 

How Much Weight Did Kaley Cuoco Lose?

Kaley Cuoco lost 6 lbs in three months. 


And there you have it, everything you need to know about Kaley Cuoco’s weight loss.

She was able to shed 6 lbs and get into great shape in the space of three months!

By following a meal plan and increasing her physical activity, she has added shape and definition to her body, giving her wonderful abs! 

Cuoco has done this by dedicating time to the exercises she loves, like SoulCycle and hot yoga, proving that weight loss can be fun!  

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