Kevin James Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

Kevin James weight loss

Kevin James amazed his fans with his impressive transformation in Here Comes The Boom. His previous physique from The King of Queens was nowhere to be seen, as he now boasted well-defined arms and abs.

Many were curious about how he achieved this incredible transformation and the reason behind his weight loss.

And we are here with all the answers for you!

Kevin James lost weight for the movie Here Comes The Boom. He had previously struggled with his weight and hit an all-time high at 290 lbs before filming began.

According to Newsner, he realized that to take part in the movie, he needed to lose weight (about 80 lbs) to have the stamina to film the fight scenes.

Thankfully, there was someone on hand to help, MMA trainer Ryan Parsons! In preparation for filming, Newsner reported that James asked Parsons to train and treat him ‘just as if he was actually going to go into a real fight.’ And that is what Parsons did!

Kevin James started training daily with Parsons to get in shape, and the results speak for themselves! He made some changes to his diet too, and was able to lose all the weight he needed for the role, and looks fantastic!

But what were these workouts? And what did he eat? We have all that information and more in the article below, so keep reading!

Kevin James Weight Loss Method

Kevin James lost 80 lbs by training every day with the MMA trainer Ryan Parsons. This was for his role in Here Comes The Boom, about a history teacher that becomes an MMA fighter.

Although Parsons’ job was to bring him up to speed for the role, James wanted more, and the pair worked together as if he was an actual fighter!

And the results speak for themselves! By training every day, he was able to lose a staggering amount of weight! Not only did he see physical differences, but mental ones too, saying to Mens Health, ‘my mind was clearer,’ after losing weight and increasing his physical activity.

Exercise was the main part of his weight loss; after all, if you train as much as he was, the weight will surely fall off! But Kevin James also made changes to his diet, he told, Mens Health, mainly focusing on a low-carb diet that prioritized fruits and vegetables.

This diet not only helped provide him with fuel while he worked out but also ensured that carbs weren’t adding any extra fat to his body! After all, he was topless for parts of the film, and he needed to look like an MMA fighter!

Kevin James Transformation

Kevin James’ weight loss has transformed his body! Check out the photo above to see how different he looks! After dropping an insane 80 lbs, Kevin James showcased his slimmer frame.

The weight loss is best seen on his face, with a slimmer face and a more defined jaw. His stomach and chest are also smaller than before.

However, the biggest difference here is the tone and definition of his body. This is thanks to the daily training he took part in to get ready for his role in Here Comes The Boom.

Kevin James Workout Routine

To help lose weight before Here Comes The Boom, Kevin James worked with MMA trainer Ryan Parsons. Parsons was on set to teach James the routines for the fights, but James had other ideas. He asked ‘to be treated like a fighter,’ which is what Parsons did!

Kevin James trained daily for his role, which helped him lose weight and become fitter. We have his workout routine below (and tips from his trainer) to show you what he did to achieve phenomenal weight loss!


First, Kevin James’ workout was often improvised, as it needed to fit into his busy schedule. When they couldn’t make it to the gym, Parsons told Men’s Health, he had James ‘run up and down flights of hotel stairs, run for an hour through a town, […] or rent a bike and go hard for an hour.’

They made do with what they had and relied on James’ commitment to ensuring the workouts were as beneficial as possible!

Use A Ball

Kevin James completed many exercises using a medicine ball which his trainer told Men’s Health was to help, ‘build stamina, coordination, flexibility, and core strength.’ These included pushups and situps that were repeated for three sets with fifteen repetitions in each set.


Boxing made up a considerable part of Kevin James’ workout routine to help him get in shape. Men’s Health revealed he started with 15 minutes of pad work, building up in five-minute increments as his stamina improved.

This worked brilliantly; by the time filming began, Kevin James could do an hour of pad work, his trainer told Men’s Health, ‘without breaking a sweat!’

They would work on a set sequence of moves while doing the pad work, changing the tempo as needed. The moves were shared with Men’s Health should anyone want to follow the same workout routine! This included:

  1. Left jab, left jab, right cross
  2. Right cross, left jab, right uppercut
  3. Left body punch, right body punch, left uppercut
  4. Right uppercut, right cross, left hook
  5. Right cross, left hook, right hook

The combination of these moves helped Kevin James to get in shape for the movie and also helped him to lose weight in the process!

Supplements Used

There is no evidence that Kevin James used supplements to help lose weight. There has been some speculation, but none of this has been confirmed by James himself.

Instead, Kevin James lost weight by making changes to his diet and exercise in preparation for Here Comes The Boom, his new movie.

Kevin James Meal Plan

While training, Kevin James also made changes to his diet. James followed a low-carb diet in collaboration with his regular training routine.

A low-carb diet meant that Kevin James’ body would not have any excess fat on it (that can be caused by eating excessive amounts of carbs).

This helped ensure that he would look like an MMA fighter in the film, especially in the scenes when he was fighting topless. Just take a look at some of the stills from the movie; he looks almost unrecognizable!

How Much Weight Has Kevin James Lost (And Current Weight)?

Kevin James lost a huge 80 lbs when training for his role in Here Comes The Boom! Although he has struggled to maintain his fitness level since filming finished (more on this later), his current weight is holding strong, according to Tuko around 300 pounds.

How Has Kevin James Maintained His Weight?

Although Kevin James has maintained the weight loss, he has noticed a difference now that he is not training daily! He revealed to Newsner, ‘I got into such good shape for the movie […] but two days ago, now that I’m out of shape again, I threw my back out getting into a car.’

He continued, ‘I want to get back in shape, bad. I felt better, my clothes fit me, my mind was clearer […], but it’s a tough thing to sustain.’ James’ statements ring true. Without access to daily trainers and an upcoming movie, it was difficult to maintain the fitness level he was previously at.

Although he has noticed a decline in his fitness, it doesn’t mean his weight loss journey isn’t inspiring, though!

On the contrary, it is incredibly realistic, showing that dedication and hard work pay off! Hopefully, he can find the time to get into shape again soon.

Key Takeaways

Kevin James lost an impressive 80 lbs while preparing for his role in Here Comes The Boom. He worked with MMA trainer Ryan Parsons daily to shed the weight and get ready for the movie!

His training allowed him to film his fight scenes without getting injured and allowed him to become healthier and happier with his body. However, he had not managed to maintain the fitness levels he achieved when he was training daily.

FAQ Snippets

Did Kevin James Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Kevin James did not have weight loss surgery to lose weight. He made changes to his diet and exercise to lose weight instead.

Why Did Kevin James Lose Weight?

Kevin James lost weight for his role in Here Comes The Boom, which follows a history teacher that becomes an MMA fighter. As the movie was based around MMA fighting, James needed to be in shape for the role.

While filming for the role, James asked trainer Ryan Parsons to train him like he was entering a real fight. This process helped him to lose weight, alongside changes to his diet.


And there you have it! Kevin James lost 80 lbs when filming Here Comes The Boom. His regular training with MMA trainer Ryan Parsons allowed him to shed weight and pick up some awesome MMA moves.

Although his fitness levels have dropped since filming wrapped, Kevin James has avoided re-gaining his lost weight.

His weight loss is an inspirational one, proving that you can always find time to exercise and that it is never too late to start making healthier choices when it comes to your meals.

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