Billy Gardell Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

Billy Gardell Weight Loss before and after

Are you also impressed by the incredible Billy Gardell’s transformation and want to know how he did it?

Many people questioned if this weight loss was due to some kind of illness, while others believed he has undergone weight loss surgery. But what has really happened, and why did he lose that much weight?

The truth is that after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and struggling with his weight for years, Billy decided it was time for a change. So he sought the help of a nutritionist and trainer who helped to transform him and his relationship with food and exercise!

His trainer helped to create a routine that uses a range of exercises like swimming, pilates, weight training, and yoga, which helped ease Billy into exercise and get fitter and healthier. Also, his nutritionist and Billy worked on creating smaller portions of Billy’s favorite meals!

By making changes to his diet and exercise, Billy was able to shed over 140lbs! That is a huge amount for anyone to lose, and it is no wonder he inspires others to follow in his footsteps.

Now that we have told you all that, we bet you want to know even more! So keep reading to see how Billy Gardell lost 140 lbs without any weight loss surgery!

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Method 

When Billy Gardell lost weight, there was lots of speculation about how he did this. But he lost weight through changes to his diet and exercise routine.

After a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, Billy was also diagnosed with obesity. This was the trigger for his weight loss journey, and he hired a personal trainer and nutritionist to create a workout and meal plan that could help him become healthier.

Billy also hired a life coach to help him tackle some of the thoughts around eating and help him live a healthier life.

Billy addressed his diet, cutting out pizza, soda, and barbecue from his diet. He also started walking around his neighborhood for 20 minutes daily to help move his body more and increase his fitness levels. He wanted to include exercises suited to his lifestyle, so he started with these gentle exercises that could build into his day before expanding them with the help of his trainer.

Billy Gardell Transformation

Before his weight loss, Billy carried a lot of weight around his stomach and face. Since losing his weight, he has shown off a smaller frame! His shoulders are less rounded, and he is sporting a more pointed face and a flatter stomach.

Not only does he look slimmer, but more toned too, suggesting that he has been hitting the weights to give his body a more muscular appearance. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of Billy’s older films and recent photographs of him; you will surely be amazed!

Billy Gardell Workout Plan

Billy Gardell’s workout routine consists of exercises suitable for those with Type 2 diabetes. So he counted on the help of diabetes educators to find exercises suitable for him to follow.

These exercises were also created with the help of his trainer, who ensured that Billy had a mix of cardio and resistance training to help him burn fat and tone his body while he lost weight.

In addition to that, he used yoga as his primary exercise tool. He also increased his muscle mass by lifting twice a week as a part of his diabetic management plan. This exercise plan played a significant role in Billy Gardell’s weight loss.

Moreover, Gardell also started running for 30 minutes every single day. He said he knew the importance of walking around and keeping his body in motion. That is where these long walks came in handy.

In conclusion, the workout plan used a mixture of the following exercises:

  • Interval training
  • Cycling
  • Weight training
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Now, you don’t need a trainer to perform these workouts yourself. There are plenty of online tutorials or affordable gym memberships that would give you access to weights and bikes. Just be sure that you consult your doctor before undertaking any new exercises to ensure that they suit you.

Supplements Used 

Billy took Ozempic to help with his Type 2 diabetes. You might recognize Billy from My Type 2 Transformation, a new reality show from Novo Nordisk. In this, he undertakes a challenge using Ozempic and some lifestyle changes to help lose weight in six months! 

Ozempic, if you didn’t know, is commonly used as a treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, but it has also been reported to help you lose weight. Currently, Ozempic is under review by the FDA to be given as a weekly shot to help people lose weight. This will only be given in line with diet and exercise as a booster, rather than as the only method to lose weight.

Billy’s consumption of Ozempic likely helped him to lose weight, but it is important to remember that he also exercised regularly and ate well to help him achieve his goals. If you also have diabetes, it is worth discussing Ozempic with your doctor if you want to know more.

Meal Plan

Billy Gardell has always been open about his love of food and struggles with maintaining healthy eating habits. So to help him lose weight, his diet was overhauled and consisted of lean meats, vegetables, and only complex carbs like rice and oatmeal.

The meal plan Billy followed did not involve counting calories; instead, he worked on eating smaller portions and ensuring plenty of variety in his diet. Remember, as Billy has Type 2 diabetes, he needed to avoid simple carbs and foods with high sugars that could spike his blood sugar levels. This means food like white bread or rice at dinner was generally avoided.

In one interview, Gardell stated that over the years, he had tried many dishes and recipes that have helped him in his journey. Some of these dishes he enjoyed, while others not so much. Some of his favorite recipes nowadays include,


Oatmeal pancakes with blueberries. These pancakes were tailored to suit Billy’s blood sugar levels by adding extra fiber, and you can find lots of diabetes-friendly recipes online to create your own!


Smoked salmon with lemon juice and dill offers a refreshing lunch and plenty of protein to keep Billy feeling fuller for longer.


Chicken stir fry with mixed veggies and brown rice. This meal keeps Billy full and satisfied and is packed with tasty veggies that will provide him with the vitamins and minerals needed to live a healthy life.

There would, of course, be snacks of fruit that aren’t too high in sugar that would keep Billy going throughout the day too. Since following this diet, Billy has found more vegetables that he likes, including his new favorite, broccoli! A nutritionist created the diet Billy follows to ensure he gets the necessary vitamins and minerals.

How Much Weight Did Billy Gardell Lose (And Current Weight)?

Billy Gardell lost a whopping 148lbs, taking him from 350lbs down to 202lbs (92kg). While 202lbs can sound like a lot to still weigh, the transformation is unbelievable and has seen Billy Gardell transform himself into a healthier version of himself!

It’s also worth noting that Billy is 5 foot 11, meaning his current weight gives him an overweight BMI. However, considering how much he lost and how fantastic he looks, it’s an incredible result!

How Is Billy Gardell Maintaining His Weight Loss?

Billy Gardell has maintained his weight loss by keeping up with his fitness routine and following the eating habits that he established when losing weight. As a result, he has managed to keep the weight off and is looking fantastic!

By regularly exercising and allowing himself to enjoy foods he loves in moderation, he has managed to keep to his weight goals.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss – Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, Billy Gardell lost 148lbs through diet, exercise, and keeping his diabetes in check. Now that you have seen his favorite meals and workout routine, you can see how simple it is to follow!

We know that the hardest thing to conquer in weight loss is your mindset. So be sure to approach a new diet with an open mind and remind yourself that these lifestyle changes and healthy habits are the best way to break the cycle and achieve your fitness goals!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Before you leave us today, get your last-minute questions answered!

How Much Weight Did Billy Gardell Lose?

Billy Gardell lost 148lbs through diet and exercise to reach a new weight of 202lbs.

Did Billy Gardell Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Billy Gardell did not have weight loss surgery. Instead, he implemented a new diet and fitness routine, combined with Ozempric for his Type 2 diabetes.

What Help Did Billy Gardell Have To Lose Weight?

Billy Gardell enlisted the help of a personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach, and diabetes educator to ensure that his diet and fitness plan was suitable for him. His life coach also helped motivate Billy and change his attitude towards food.

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