Ashley Graham Weight Loss: When Diet and Exercise Pay Off

Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Ashley Graham is perhaps one of the most famous plus-size models out there. Not only does she look fantastic, but she spreads body positivity and self-love, something we should all practice! But following her pregnancy and birth of her twins Malachi and Roman, Graham was carrying a few pounds more than before.

Inspired by her passion for exercising and wanting to feel good, Ashley Graham embarked on her transformation while breastfeeding her newborns, as reported in People! Though there are many claims about breastfeeding helping new moms shed the extra pounds, Graham doesn’t think it is true, which is also prolly why she’s eager to return to her workout routine. 

“Everybody told me if you breastfeed, the weight falls off,” Cosmopolitan quotes her interview with Parents. “Well, that was BS… I’m still working on like 20 pounds. When I say working on, I just kind of look at it every day like, ‘Hello, new body.’ And that’s just kind of how I go on with it,” she said.

She also revealed having her first workout at 11 weeks postpartum.

If that isn’t proof that women are superheroes, we don’t know what is! 

In the same interview, Graham also mentioned that she got on a ‘preggo yoga sesh’ just a month prior to delivering her twins.

She is truly an example of body positivity and has proven she can love herself no matter what. 

So, it is super inspiring to see her hard work pay off!

She followed a strict workout routine in the gym every day (something she loves to do), and she followed a new meal and diet plan consisting of various healthy meals. Her plate accommodates a mix of healthy fats, lean protein, and lots of fruits and vegetables. The results of this routine speak for themselves! Even after the weight loss, Ashley still maintains her gorgeous and curvy figure but now feels far healthier and happier. It’s a win all around for her. 

And today, we tell you exactly how she did it! Keep reading to see how Ashley Graham lost her extra weight! We have her workout routine, diet plan, and everything else you need to know listed below. Let’s dive into it now!

Ashley Graham Weight Loss Method

Ashley Graham lost weight through diet and exercise. After her pregnancy and the birth of her twins, she followed a strict exercise routine. She worked out most days of the week and lost 20lbs after only eight weeks!

The exercises she completed were fairly easy but effective. She used a combination of full body workouts, arm, and core workouts to burn calories and fat. She also incorporated a healthy and balanced diet which helped her lose weight and improve her overall health.

We can see the benefits of this immediately in recent pictures of Graham, she is glowing! Her skin looks clear and fresh, a sign of eating a healthy and varied diet. But what’s more, she seems happier too! We love to see someone transforming and loving the skin they are in!

Graham has been a champion of body positivity for years, seeing her continue to improve her relationship with herself and make changes that benefit her health! 

Ashley Graham Transformation

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As this is a post-pregnancy weight loss, the transformation is easy to see. The photo above shows that Ashley Graham has managed to lose the weight she gained around her stomach thanks to the full body and core workouts she has been doing!

Not only can we see less weight around her face, but also her arms and neck too! She looks healthy but has still maintained her beautiful curvy figure. Although 20lbs isn’t a drastic weight loss, it has still transformed Graham! And remember, everyone is different! 20lbs is still a massive amount of weight to lose.

Ashley Graham Workout Plan

We mentioned earlier that Ashley Graham managed to lose weight through a strict exercise routine! This routine saw her in the gym doing a full body, arm, and core workout.

Check out what she did below!

Ashley worked with trainer Dawin Pena and dis burpees, lunges, jumping squats, ball smash, scissor legs, and jackknife. She also had strength training, including double band sumo deadlifts, resistance band hip thrusts, barbell squats, push-ups, planks, and sledgehammer swings.

Supplements Used

Ashley Graham did not use any supplements to lose weight. Instead, she focused on eating a healthy and varied diet to help fuel her body with the nutrients it needs and lose weight. She also incorporated a strict exercise routine to help her burn fat and lose the extra pounds she gained during pregnancy.

Ashley Graham Meal Plan

Alongside her workout routine, Ashley Graham changed her diet. Her diet contains a mixture of healthy fats, lean protein, fresh fruit, and veggies. The diet means she gets lots of variation, but her body still gets the nutrients it needs. Her typical daily diet can be found below for you to see what she eats!


Breakfast is a smoothie made with beetroot, apple, lemon, parsley, ginger, and kale.


For lunch, Ashley Graham eats a brown rice and quinoa bowl that is made with veggies and topped with tahini.


Dinner is baked salmon served with sweet potato and arugula.


Throughout the day, Ashley Graham can snack on chocolate tree chia crackers to keep her body fueled and feeling full.

Cheat Day

On a cheat day, Ashley’s meals stay the same except for lunch or dinner, where she enjoys mac and cheese!

How Much Weight Has Ashley Graham Lost (And Current Weight)?

Ashley Graham has lost 20 lbs through diet and exercise. But, at five foot nine, the model has still kept her gorgeous plus-size frame. That’s right; Graham still has curves in all the right places! But, more importantly, she looks happier.

In some make-up-free selfies uploaded on Instagram, she is glowing! It is clear that her diet and workout routine is working for her and her body.

How Has Ashley Graham Maintained Her Weight?

Ashley Graham has maintained her weight by moving her body, hitting the gym, and eating a healthy and balanced diet. She’s basically continuing the things she did to start her weight loss. Doing so helps to keep her body fueled and fuelled with the proper nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, she also mixes and matches her workouts, doing aerial work, rollerblading, and jumping rope! 

Her regular exercise also means that her fitness is continually improving, allowing her to gain fitter and stronger every day!

The Science Behind Exercise and Healthy Diet

Exercise and a healthy diet are crucial if you want to lose weight quickly or progressively. Though some people cringe at the thought of these two, it would be difficult to arrive at your weight goals if you do just one of them [1]. We’re not saying that doing just either one won’t bear fruit – it’s just that combining both can result in better weight loss. 

The amount of calories you take in through your diet has an impact on your weight. If your body consumes the same number of calories as it eats, you’re able to maintain your weight. But if you consume less than that number, your weight will likely increase. Basically, eating fewer calories will also effectively reduce weight. A study by the American Heart Association says that reducing calorie intake works more effectively for weight loss than restricting meals to a narrow time window [2]. But it’s not only the number of calories that matter but also the kind of calories you take in. High-quality calories include minimally processed and unrefined foods, such as fruits, vegetables, healthy protein, good fats, and whole grains. Bad-quality calories include artificially-sweetened beverages, highly-processed snack foods, refined sugar and refined grains, and fried foods [4]. 

Exercising, on the other hand, is an essential way to consume the calories you take in through your diet. It basically is a way to burn those calories. To help you lose weight, exercising uses up the calories in your body for energy. So, if you exercise or do physical activities, you use up calories. But if you also reduce your calorie intake through your diet, you create a calorie deficit, which can result in weight loss [3].

Now, let’s look at what Ashley Graham did to lose weight, which we’ll refer to as the Graham weight loss diet. She did full body workouts, including arm and core workout. Even before she got pregnant, working out was already one of her favorite things, and she just knew it would help her body bounce back postpartum. She combined this with a balanced diet, incorporating healthy greens, quinoa and brown rice, and vegetables. These have fewer calories, and they’re the good kind of calories. 

Key Takeaways

Ashley Graham has changed her diet, focusing on eating a variety of fruit and veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats. As a result, she has fuelled her body with the energy and nutrients it needs to power through the workouts and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Her diet and workout routine helped her lose the weight she gained during her pregnancy and feel more confident and optimistic about her body. She has maintained her body positivity and grown the self-love she has for herself. This sure is a joyous weight loss story to share!

FAQ Snippets

How Much Weight Has Ashley Graham Lost?

Ashley Graham lost 20 pounds through diet and exercise after the birth of her child.

Did Ashley Graham Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Ashley Graham did not have weight loss surgery. Instead, she modified her diet and workout routine to help her lose weight after the birth of her child.

Does Ashely Graham Still Promote Body Positivity?

Yes! Weight loss and body positivity are not necessarily linked. Ashley Graham has spent years as a plus-size model encouraging us all to love our bodies and ourselves more, and you can do this while losing weight too!

Ashley Graham’s decision to lose weight was born from her love for herself and her body. She decided to lose the weight she gained during pregnancy to feel good about herself and healthier; what could be more positive than that?


And there you have it, all the secrets to Ashely Graham’s post-baby weight loss! She managed to lose 20lbs through diet and exercise by following a strict gym routine! While she might have never missed a session and worked hard, she has still been kind to herself and continues to share messages of body positivity and brutal honesty on her social media pages. We just can’t help but love her! 

And yes, diet and exercise do pay off!

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