Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

Kelly Clarkson weight loss

Kelly Clarkson has always been open and honest with her fans. It’s one of the reasons she is adored by them (along with her amazing singing voice). So when she dropped 40 pounds, we knew she would tell all. And she did! 

The secret lies behind a diet based on The Plant Paradox, Dr. Stevrn Gundry’s best-selling book.

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But the weight loss wasn’t deliberate. Instead, Clarkson revealed that it came as a ‘side effect,’ of controlling thyroid issues saying, ‘wasn’t about the weight, for me, it was I’m not on medicine anymore.

By focusing on her health, Clarkson had the added bonus of losing some weight! 

And we are here with all the details on how she did it! Check out her method, workout plan, diet, and everything else you need to know about Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss! 

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Method

Kelly Clarkson used the book, The Plant Paradox, written by Dr. Steven Gundry to help her shed almost 40 lbs!

The book looks at, ‘how we cook our food, non-GMO, no pesticides, eating really organic,’ she told Extra. The diet can be restrictive, cutting out lectins that are present in a wide range of foods and grains. 

However, the method does work to help you lose weight and focus on healthy and nutritious foods. This is exactly what Clarkson did! 

By following the diet in The Plant Paradox, Clarkson didn’t need to hire a trainer or follow an exercise regime. Instead, she focused on what she was fuelling her body with, and the results speak for themselves!

Kelly Clarkson Transformation

Kelly Clarkson always looks beautiful, but after dropping 40 lbs, she looks even better! Not only is she sporting a trimmer frame, but she looks fitter too!

As the main focus of her diet was to get off medication and be healthier, we would say she has achieved that and then some! So the weight loss has been a bonus.

Kelly Clarkson Workout Plan

Kelly Clarkson’s workout plan is one exercise haters will love! She has none! That’s right, she achieved this weight loss without exercising, telling Extra, ‘I’m not working out! I literally read this book…’

Instead of jumping on a workout regime and doing something she hates (Clarkson has tweeted several times that she hates exercising), she focused on the food she put into her body, and the results have paid off! 

Supplements Used

There are no indications to suggest she used supplements for weight loss. The inspiration for her weight loss and to follow The Plant Paradox was to step away from medication.

Instead of taking supplements, she focused on a healthy diet.

Kelly Clarkson Meal Plan

Kelly Clarkson’s meal plan is inspired by The Plant Paradox, a book that focuses on a low-carb diet! You can enjoy organic and GMO-free veggies on a diet, but there are a lot of restrictions.

Foods containing lectin are excluded due to the apparent link between eating them and inflammation (there is little scientific information to back this up). 

We have a typical daily meal plan for you to check out here! 


Clarkson usually starts her day with eggs made as an omelet or scrambled. These were served with toast and avocado. 

On a treat day, these were swapped for pancakes or waffles. 


Lunch is a plate of protein and vegetables, like grilled fish with asparagus. 


Dinner follows the same pattern as lunch. Clarkson would grill or steam her food, enjoying salmon or tofu with Brussel sprouts and broccoli with them. 


Dark chocolate with macadamia nuts is a staple on The Plant Paradox diet! Clarkson could also snack on some fruits like bananas and apples. 

How Much Weight Has Kelly Clarkson Lost (And Current Weight)?

Kelly Clarkson lost 40 pounds, taking her weight down to 154 lbs! However, there has been some speculation that she recently put weight on, taking her up to 176 lbs.

While she still looks wonderful, Clarkson has previously said how the pressure and speculation can leave you feeling, ‘bigger than you are’.

Fortunately, she is a tough cookie, and after years of dealing with the pressure from the industry, she has found peace, ‘whatever, I’m not going to please anyone.’ not only does she look gorgeous every time she appears on our screens, but she seems happy too! 

She has accepted that weight fluctuation is normal, ‘I’m such a creative person that I yo-yo. Sometimes I’m more fit […] and sometimes I’d rather have wine.’

Her honesty shines through again, showing just how normal weight fluctuation is! 

How Has Kelly Clarkson Maintained Her Weight?

Kelly Clarkson has been honest about her weight fluctuating, normalizing it at every opportunity.

However, she continues to make positive changes and choices that have meant she has not put on all the weight she lost back on! 

With the help of her diet inspired by The Plant Paradox, Clarkson is fueling her body with the right foods and nutrients, helping her maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle! 

Key Takeaways

Kelly Clarkson managed to lose 40 lbs by following a diet from The Plant Paradox. This diet involves restricting GMOs, pesticides, gluten, and other foods from your diet.

The focus on organic foods helped Clarkson improve her health, in turn helping with her thyroid condition. 

The goal of her diet change was not to lose weight but to live a healthier life and get off medication, which she has been able to do!

Plus, she’s normalizing fluctuating weight as she progresses with her weight loss journey, something we love to see! 

FAQ Snippets

Did Kelly Clarkson Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Kelly Clarkson did not have weight loss surgery when she lost weight. 

What Exercise Did Kelly Clarkson Do?

Kelly Clarkson did not exercise to lose weight. Instead, she followed The Plant Paradox diet to help lose some weight! 

Did Kelly Clarkson Use Weight Loss Tablets?

No, Kelly Clarkson did not use weight loss tablets to lose weight. Her weight loss came from focusing on her diet. 

How Much Weight Did Kelly Clarkson Lose?

Kelly Clarkson lost 40 lbs! 


And there you have it! Kelly Clarkson managed to lose 40 lbs in one year without needing to exercise! Instead, she focused on the foods she was fueling her body with.

Doing so helped her to get off medication for her health conditions and she can live a healthy and happy life!

Plus, her attitude towards weight fluctuation reminds us that our body changing is normal and not something to be criticized for! 

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