Jessica Simpson Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

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Pregnancy takes a toll on women’s bodies, and most of us are left with a few pounds more than we started. Jessica Simpson was no different, and since the birth of each child, she has worked with her trainer to lose the baby’s weight.

But after the birth of her third child, something was different. Tipping the scales at 240lbs, Simpson was the largest she had ever. Feeling like her body has not felt like hers for ‘a decade,’ she decided to make a change! Once more, she enlisted the help of her trainer , and they set out to make her body fantastic and ready to carry her through an enjoyable night.

Jessica took a more holistic approach to weight loss, which has helped her shed a whopping 100lbs in just six months! What’s more, she has managed to maintain this weight loss! This super fast weight loss is proof that anyone can lose weight with the right mindset and determination.

So today, let’s find out exactly how Jessica Simpson lost weight! We have her workout plan, meal plan, and the method she followed to lose weight below. Keep reading to find out more!

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Method

After the birth of her third child, Jessica Simpson lost 100lbs in just six months! Her fantastic weight loss was aided by the help of her trainer Harley Pasternak, who has worked with Simpson after each of her pregnancies to help her lose weight.

This method is different from others we have seen, as Pasternak focused on creating healthy habits that would help Simpson not only lose weight but keep it off! Instead of creating a strict routine she had to follow, they incorporated five habits into her life that were easy to start and maintain.

Doing so helped her shed an impressive 100lbs in six months, and her self-confidence blossomed! In recent Instagram posts, Simpson has shared bikini selfies, saying not only how happy she is with her body but the progress she has made with, ‘self-love.’ 

The five habits Pasternak introduced include:

  1. Gradually increasing activity slowly to walking 14,000 steps a day.
  2. Eating three meals and two snacks from The Body Reset Diet.
  3. Spending an hour unplugged from technology a day.
  4. Getting at least seven hours of sleep every night.
  5. Completing three 45-minute sessions a week in the gym with her trainer.

These habits all helped Simpson to lose weight but changed her mindset and attitude too. By getting plenty of rest, gradually increasing her exercise, and eating a healthy and balanced diet, she has managed to lose 100lbs and looks fantastic for it!

This method might not sound as ‘conventional’ as hitting the gym every day, but it works! And it helped Jessica to create a positive mindset around healthy eating and exercise. Who doesn’t want that? This method sure seems to work and is one we are keen to hear more about!

Jessica Simpson Transformation

Jessica Simpson’s transformation is fantastic! She has managed to shed a whopping 100lbs from her body, and it shows! Her weight gained during pregnancy has disappeared, and she is boasting a flatter stomach and slimmer frame! 

We can also see her weight loss around her face, with her jaw becoming more defined. Not only does she look fantastic, but the smile on Simpson’s face says that she is much happier with her new slimmer frame!

She has still maintained some of her curves, but we can see she has a smaller chest and waist now. 

Let’s dig further into this to find out how Simpson achieved this fantastic transformation!

Jessica Simpson Workout Plan

A big part of Jessica Simpson’s workout plan includes the healthy habits we mentioned earlier. Two of these involved exercises: walking 14,000 steps a day and hitting the gym three times a week.

Walking 14,000 steps a day is more than the recommended 10,000 and was essential to keeping Simpson moving and active to help with weight loss! Her trainer eased her into this gradually, starting at 6,000 steps a day.

This exercise was not only gradual but was something Simpson could do with her children, motivating her to do it daily! Gradually, she increased to 14,000 steps a day, which is more than achievable with a long walk and pottering around the house.

The next part of her workout plan involved hitting the gym three times a week with her trainer! These sessions were for 45 minutes each that worked her entire body! Each of the three sessions has a different focus. There is a whole-body session, upper-body, and lower-body session to burn fat and tone Simpson’s body!

The workouts involve resistance training, some cardio, and conditioning at the end. While three workouts a week sound easy, these are designed to get you sweating and burning calories! Each workout burns around 300 calories, and you can check out some of these on Simpson’s social media!

Supplements Used

After taking diet pills for twenty years, Jessica Simpson no longer takes them or any supplements as part of her weight loss method. Instead, she has focused on incorporating healthy habits and a structured routine that has allowed her to lose weight and focus on living a healthier and happier life!

Jessica Simpson Meal Plan

Another one of Simpson’s healthy habits was to eat three meals and two snacks a day from ‘The Body Reset Diet’. This is her trainer’s book, and it is packed full of tasty meals and treats that can help you improve your health and lose weight!

Simpson’s meals included healthier versions of Tex-Mex or Tortilla soup that provided her body with the nutrients it needed to get through her tough workouts! The meal plan in Patersnak’s book is incredibly varied too, with each meal including fat, fiber, and protein.

Her two snacks were a combination of fiber and fat too, fuelling her through the day and satisfying any cravings she might have!

The meal plan also allowed for ‘indulgences,’ such as birthday dinners or date nights, where Simpson would want the free reign of what she ate! As she and her trainer were focusing on creating healthy habits, the goal was to build a good relationship with food rather than being overly restrictive!

How Much Weight Has Jessica Simpson Lost (And Current Weight)?

Jessica Simpson has lost a whopping 100 lbs in the space of six months following the birth of her third child! This weight loss took her down from her heaviest weight of 240lbs to 140lbs, or 63.5kg, a far healthier weight for her height.

Her current weight, however, is unknown. As part of her workout routine, Simpson focused on healthy habits and a holistic approach, which does not involve stepping on the scales. She revealed on TODAY that she has ‘no idea’ how much she weighs, moving away from the notion that numbers define her.

However, as she seems to have maintained her weight loss, we can assume she still weighs around the 140lb mark!

How Has Jessica Simpson Maintained Her Weight?

Jessica Simpson has continued to walk daily and incorporate workouts into her week. She now eats a balanced and varied diet that allows her to maintain her weight. However, she is very open about the fact she is not regularly weighing herself.

Instead, she is eating intuitively and working out regularly to help her feel comfortable and happy in her body.

Key Takeaways

Jessica Simpson has managed to lose 100lbs in an impressive six months by incorporating five healthy habits into her routine. By looking after her body and nourishing it with good foods, she has managed to lose the weight she gained through pregnancy and has increased her self-love and self-confidence.

Her routine involves walking 14,000 steps a day, eating meals from her trainer’s book, working out three times a week, having an hour away from technology, and sleeping at least 7 hours a night!

FAQ Snippets

Did Jessica Simpson Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Jessica Simpson did not have weight loss surgery. Instead, she introduced healthy habits that helped her lose 100lbs in six months!

How Much Weight Has Jessica Simpson Lost?

Jessica Simpson has lost 100lbs, taking her from 240lbs to 140lbs.

How Long Did It Take Jessica Simpson To Lose 100lbs?

It took Jessica Simpson six months to lose 100lbs with the help of her trainer. This weight loss came after the birth of her third child.

How Did Jessica Simpson Lose Weight?

Jessica Simpson lost 100lbs by implementing healthy habits in her life. These habits included increasing her daily exercise, regularly working out with her personal trainer, and eating healthier foods. She used meals from The Body Reset Diet and workouts created by her trainer Harley Pasternak.


And there you have it, Jessica Simpson has lost 100lbs in just six months! This weight loss was aided by her trainer, who introduced new healthy habits to her lifestyle that made the weight loss seem manageable and easier!

She now has an abundance of self-confidence and love for her body that we love to see! Her diet and workout routine has transformed her life and means she is far healthier and able to be more active in her children’s lives!

If you are considering following her diet or workout plan, be sure you speak to a medical professional to ensure it is suitable for you and your body.

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