Tami Roman Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

Tami Roman Weight Loss before and after

Have you seen the pictures of Tami Roman lately and are wondering how she lost her weight? Well, we are here to tell all and have a complete guide to her weight loss journey!

Cast your minds back to 2012, when Tami Roman famously went on television and underwent liposuction for the world to see! This was the start of her weight loss journey, which has continued over the years for us all to witness!

After the liposuction failed to be a long-term solution, she became a spokesperson for NV Clinical, a pill designed to help you lose weight. She used these pills and promoted them to fans as a method to lose weight. These pills helped Tami reach a size 10-12 and helped her lose an additional 30lbs too! But again, this was a short-term method. It seems our girl Tami was struggling to find a method that suited her!

And once she was diagnosed with diabetes, it became even harder for her to lose the weight she wanted! Eventually, she sought help from others, and Halle Berry was there with the answers that she needed! Following her advice, Tami revamped her exercise regime and diet, which helped her lose weight and achieve her goals.

Recently, Tami has come under some scrutiny from fans concerned about her weight loss. Tami claimed that this weight loss was because she was ill and that it was nothing for fans to be concerned about. But, of course, we only wish her the best and want to see her as happy and healthy as possible!

Now that you are all caught up on Tami’s weight loss journey let’s dive in a little deeper and look at exactly how she managed to lose weight. Today we are looking at how she lost weight, how much she lost, and why there has been so much controversy around it, so stick with us!

Tami Roman Weight Loss Method 

Tami Roman’s weight has been a topic of discussion over the years. Back in 2012, she lost weight with the help of NV clinical, a weight loss pill she was a spokesperson for at the time. Tami opted for these pills to help her lose weight, saying, ‘everyone knows that I love food and can identify with my struggles. Once I tried NV Clinical and saw fast results the first week, it motivated me to keep pushing.’

And who can blame her? By seeing these quick results, Tami continued with this method, managing to lose 35lbs with the help of NV Clinical! Tami noted that the diet pills she used helped her shrink to a size 10-12, but the results were short-lived. It was reported that due to her diagnosis of diabetes and her quitting smoking, Tami put weight on, creeping up to 185lbs. Battling with her diagnosis, she found it hard to find a method that allowed her to keep the weight off.

Eventually, she turned to Halle Berry, a celebrity living with diabetes, who offered her advice. Speaking to Madame Noire, Tami recalled this conversation, saying that while she spoke to Halle, Halle told her, ‘Tam, the truth of the matter is – you either wanna live or you wanna die. You can continue thinking what you think and doing what you’re doing, but you’re not going to be here for long.’

It turns out this was the wake-up call that Tami needed; she said, ‘that hit home for me. So I changed up my whole diet and eating and trying to be healthy and live right.’ We can see that Tami took this advice to heart and used it to become far healthier!

But in recent years, Tami has lost even more weight, and fans have been concerned. Many have taken to social media to voice concerns, with some saying, ‘too skinny, face sunken in,’ and that her small frame is ‘making [you] look a lot older than [you] are.’ These comments have been left on recent social media posts Tami has shared, and she hasn’t taken these comments down!

She hit back at criticism. She posted a statement on Instagram saying that ‘diabetes is no joke!’ and that she, ‘detox, suppress my appetite and make better food choices.’ In this statement, we can see that Tami is doing her best to look after her body with her diabetes diagnosis and put her health first, let’s hope it works out for her!

Now let’s move on and look even closer at Tami Roman’s weight loss!

Tami Roman Transformation

After her initial weight loss, Tami had a flatter stomach, and her entire body looked more toned and shapely. Although her weight loss was aided by surgery and weight loss pills, you can tell from her body that exercise played a role in toning her arms and legs.

More recently, Tami has lost additional weight. As a result, her face appears thinner, and we can see her collarbones far more. In addition, her arms and legs are skinny, although they have retained that muscular appearance. This recent weight loss has sparked controversy among fans, with many worrying about her health after her diabetes diagnosis.

Tami Roman Workout Plan

When she first began losing weight, Tami relied on weight loss pills from NV Clinical. But when the results weren’t as long-lived as expected, she turned to exercise. She revealed that ‘I started at 10 minutes of working out. That soon became 15 minutes, then 20, and then it became 30.’

Then, she started going to the gym for two hours, five days a week, with the weekends being her only days off. She would perform exercises such as pushups, squats, lunges, and crunches. She would also lift weights.

In addition to that, Roman went swimming and trekking in the surrounding area. Of course, after doing all of that, it is inevitable that you will experience weight loss.

Supplements Used

As we know, Tammy used pills from NV Clinical to lose weight. Alongside these, she has not confirmed whether she took other supplements. If you are considering using supplements or other weight loss pills to lose weight, we recommend you speak to a physician or dietician to ensure that your body will still get all the nutrients it needs.

Meal Plan 

As Tami was using diet pills, she wasn’t following a set meal plan. But after she didn’t see the results she wanted, all she has revealed about her diet is that she made, ‘healthier choices.’ She emphasizes consuming fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and nuts in her diet.

She made a significant turn in her diet and jumped from 2000 calories per day to1500 calories per day, which is a considerable decrease. She also stopped eating any form of manufactured food and switched to eating home-cooked meals solely instead. In addition, Tami Roman cut all forms of processed sugar out of her diet.

How Much Weight Did Tami Roman Lose (And Current Weight)? 

Tami Roman lost 30lbs following a combination of supplements and dietary modifications. She told the media source that she lost seven pounds in the first week of taking NV without making significant adjustments to her life.

However, it appears that she has lost more weight in recent years, which has sparked concern from her fans, as we showed you earlier.

Currently, the height of Tami Roman is 5 feet and 8 inches, and her weight is 58 kg (128lbs).

How Has Tami Roman Maintained Her Weight?

Instead of maintaining her weight, Tami Roman has lost even more weight and has been photographed recently looking very thin. It has led to speculation that she was sick, with many articles written about this.

Tami has said this is due to her diabetes and has spoken out recently about struggles with her weight and body image in her recent Instagram post, with the caption saying, ‘diabetes is no joke.’

Tami Roman Weight Loss – Final Thoughts 

Tami Roman used diet pills to lose weight, allowing her to get down to a size 10-12 and lose 35lbs. But when these results didn’t last, she changed her diet and started exercising to help her lose even more weight.

Although there have been concerns lately for her health, Tami has said they are related to her diabetes diagnosis. We hope that she is healthy and happy and that you have found today’s article helpful!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you leave us today, get your last-minute questions answered!

Why Are People Concerned About Tami Roman’s Weight Loss?

There have been concerns about Tami Roman’s weight loss recently as pictures emerged of her looking very thin. Concerns about her health compound these as she has diabetes. Fans are concerned that this weight loss could be a sign of poor health or struggles with her weight and body image.

What Weight Loss Surgery Did Tami Roman Have?

Tami Roman had liposuction, filmed and shown on TV in 2011. This was before Tami became a spokesperson for NV Clinical weight loss tablets.

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