Tiffany 90 Day Fiance Weight Loss: Diet, Workout Routine & Transformation

Tiffany 90 Day Fiance Weight Loss

Tiffany, from 90 Day Fiance, has recently shown off her new body after an insane weight loss! The reality star has been very open about the process and revealed that she achieved this tremendous weight loss of 80lbs with the help of weight loss surgery!

She told fans via Instagram Live that she lost weight by having ‘a gastric sleeve, meaning they cut off 70 percent of my stomach inside.’ The weight loss surgery gave Tiffany the tools she needed to lose weight, and she looks fantastic!

Tiffany now looks slimmer and far happier. Her recent posts on Instagram show just how amazing she looks and feels. But why did she decide to lose weight?

She revealed that the weight loss was brought on by her desire to focus on her health. She has claimed it was ‘nothing to do with skinny, fat […] I’m happy with however I look, but to lose weight for the benefit of my health, it’s going to make me happy.’ Now that is a sentiment we can get behind! Tiffany has chosen to prioritize her health and happiness, and it just shows in her recent snaps how well that has worked.

The decision to get weight loss surgery was a tricky one, though. Fans of 90 Day Fiance are sure to remember that her partner, Ronald, was against weight loss surgery, wanting Tiffany to lose the weight naturally to appreciate the results more.

But after their relationship broke down, Tiffany was inspired by Angela Deem’s transformation and decided to take the plunge! She prioritized her happiness and well-being, went under the knife, and had surgery.

And what a choice it has been for her! Although not everyone agrees with weight loss surgery, it sure has worked for Tiffany. She has managed to lose weight and looks fantastic! Now Tiffany seems to be healthier and happier.

But what else is there to say about her weight loss journey? Well, we have all the information you need to know below. So keep reading to find out more about her diet, workout routine, and everything else you need to know!

Tiffany 90-Day Fiance Weight Loss Method

Tiffany from 90 Day Fiance lost her weight with the help of weight loss surgery. Tiffany had a gastric sleeve, which cut off 70% of her stomach. This has left her with a much smaller stomach, meaning she gets fuller quickly. What does this do? Well, it restricts how much your body can eat, placing you in a caloric deficit, which will help you lose weight.

Weight loss with a gastric sleeve can be quite drastic, with pounds and pounds being shed every week. And that is exactly what happened to Tiffany; After having the sleeve fitted, she has lost a whopping 80lbs!

That is an outstanding amount of weight to lose and has taken her from wearing XXL clothing to medium clothing! Now that is a transformation that we love to see.

The reason for using this method is one Tiffany has been open about. She felt that it was the best option for her. She had previously halted her fitness journey amid the pandemic and relationship troubles with her now ex-partner Ronald Smith. The surgery allowed her to restart her weight loss journey and speed up the process too!

She was also inspired by Angela Deem’s transformation, who also had a gastric sleeve to lose a whopping 110lbs. Seeing Angela’s fantastic results inspired Tiffany to take the plunge and have the surgery; now, the rest is history!

Tiffany 90 Day Fiance Transformation

Tiffany’s transformation has been remarkable to see! She has also been documenting it on her Instagram, allowing fans to check in regularly and see her progress.

She has lost 80lbs since having the weight loss surgery, and you can tell the difference it has made to her body! Tiffany is far slimmer than she previously was, with a thin waist and slimmer face. All her body has shrunk as a result of the weight loss, and you can see it in every picture!

What’s more, you can see how much happier Tiffany looks. Sometimes this may involve unconventional methods such as weight loss surgery in certain circumstances, but nonetheless, we commend someone for taking proactive steps to achieve better health. It is always advised you consult your health professional before taking any major steps towards weight loss to ensure a healthy and safe weight loss.

Tiffany 90 Day Fiance Workout Plan

As Tiffany has weight loss surgery to lose weight, she has not followed a workout plan. She struggled to maintain her fitness journey during the coronavirus pandemic, which coincided with a lot of her relationship troubles with Ronald.

Supplements Used

Tiffany did not use any supplements when losing weight. Instead, she had a gastric sleeve, which helped her lose a whopping 80lbs! However, she has taken vitamins. After a gastric sleeve, vitamins are essential, as your body struggles to take vitamins in from your diet.

Tiffany has said she takes ‘tons of vitamins’ as part of her diet after her weight loss surgery. These provide her body with the minerals and nutrients it needs to keep her going and are an essential part of her diet.

Tiffany’s 90-Day Fiance Meal Plan

As Tiffany has had a gastric sleeve, her diet will look different to others out there! It is not a typical diet that you would see people in a calorie deficit follow.

Tiffany has revealed that after her surgery, she was drinking, ‘protein shakes,’ and aiming to consume between 60 and 70 grams of protein a day. This was combined with water and her vitamins. Initially, you cannot eat solid foods after weight loss surgery as your stomach needs time to recover from the surgery.

She recently told fans that she is now able to eat soft foods and has been enjoying soups, but is still struggling with chunks of food, like chicken. Currently, her diet comprises soft foods, soups, and protein shakes to ensure her body is being fueled without overwhelming her stomach.

As time progresses, Tiffany will be able to eat small portions of food but will need to be mindful of what she eats moving forward.

How Much Weight Has Tiffany 90 Day Fiance Lost (And Current Weight)?

Since her weight loss surgery, Tiffany has lost an impressive 80lbs! She has been sharing updates about her weight loss journey on social media, including regular updates about the amount of weight she has lost!

She last said she has lost 80lbs and has another 18lbs to go to reach her goal weight. However, we are sure that if she continues her weight loss and fitness journey, she can achieve this goal.

Currently, she weighs 215lbs!

How Has Tiffany 90 Day Fiance Maintained Her Weight?

Tiffany has maintained her weight by following a strict diet after her weight loss surgery. She is still looking to lose weight, with a goal of another 18lbs to hit her target weight. Thankfully, weight loss surgery and a restrictive diet will allow this to happen.

Going forward, the surgery will limit the amount of food she can eat, which will help her maintain her weight.

Key Takeaways

After a long time of considering it and a rocky relationship with her now ex-partner, Tiffany decided to have weight loss surgery following Angel Deem’s transformation! Tiffany’s weight loss surgery has allowed her to lose an impressive 80lbs, and she has plans to lose more weight to reach her goal!

Due to the surgery, her diet is slightly different from others and involves lots of protein shakes and water. She also has to take lots of vitamins as a result of her surgery.

She continues to lose weight and has documented the process on her social media pages.


How Much Weight Has Tiffany 90 Day Fiance Lost?

Tiffany has lost a whopping 80lbs, taking her from 295lbs to 215lbs!

Did Tiffany 90 Day Fiance Have Weight Loss Surgery?

Yes, Tiffany had a gastric sleeve fitted in June 2022 which helped her to lose 80lbs.

How Much Does Tiffany 90 Day Fiance Weigh?

Tiffany’s current weight is around 215lbs, continuing her weight loss and fitness journey.


And there you have it! Tiffany from 90 Day Fiance managed to shed an impressive 80lbs with the aid of a gastric sleeve! Her decision to have surgery was inspired by the transformation of Angela Deem, but also her desire to live a healthier life and feel happier within herself.

She followed a strict diet after the surgery to ensure her body got the nutrients and vitamins it needs. She has updated fans regularly on social media, showing off her impressive new figure and how happy she looks.

If you are also considering weight loss surgery, be sure to speak to your doctor to discuss your options and find the right method for you and your body.

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